The 4iThumbs2, An Invisible Keypad for Your iPhone


Just in time for the Verizon iPhone release, 4i Concepts, a company based out of NY, has introduced the 4iThumbs2.  It’s the only tactile ridged screen designed to help you navigate that tricky touch screen we all love and hate simultaneously.  Any Verizon customer that is used to furiously typing on their Blackberry keyboard will find that this product makes the transition a bit easier.

The 4iThumbs2 is invisible, removable and ridged screen that slips onto the iPhone face to guide typing, similar to a QWERTY keypad.  It allows for blind typing, which means you can walk and text at the same time without a fear of running into strangers or objects on the street.  It’s available in both landscape and portrait versions for the iPod Touch, iPhone 3 and 4, so you can choose based on your preference.  An added bonus: it protects your phone screen from any scratches and is easily removable for safekeeping.

The 4iThumbs 2 is 12.95 and the 4iThumbs2+, which comes with a bumper, is $24.95. There’s a demonstration video on the company’s website:

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  1. The tactile keyboard came just in time for me!! I was a Blackberry person and the transition was difficult, but alas, here comes this new screen to save the day!!

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