Maverick Lifestyle’s Nica Sunrise = The Most Comfortable Bluetooth Headset Available


Maverick Lifestyle’s  Nica Sunrise Bluetooth headset is a revolutionary hands-free solution bringing a new era of comfort, style and convenience to mobile phone users. A reinvention of the Bluetooth headset, Nica Sunrise features a light-weight, open-air and clean circular design that can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. The advanced comfort features coupled with a unique set of accessories cements the Nica Sunrise as the most user friendly headset design on the market.

Maverick CEO, Craig Janick, understands people’s aversion to wearing Bluetooth headsets – either it’s too geeky looking or it’s too uncomfortable.  That’s why they designed it with a unconventional look and feel, so that users can feel confident when wearing one in the car or around town.  Instead of a bulky bar-shaped headset, the Nica Sunrise takes on a sleek headphone shape.  And instead of an intrusive speaker that puts pressure on the ear canal, the Nica Sunrise takes an open-air approach, with a soft molded pad and flexible ear clips.  Despite its thin design (made for mobile convenience), the audio is still full and rich.

To boot, the Nica Sunrise can be conveniently charged in the car, in the office or from your PC by attaching magnetically to any of Maverick’s three charging dock options.

Nica Sunrise is now available for $79.95 MSRP at and select Apple Stores and at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores*. The Nica Sunrise as well as the Car Dock charger ($29.95 MSRP) and the Desk Dock charger ($19.95 MRSP) are available at For more information on the Nica Sunrise and charging dock solutions visit

*Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores are stand-alone mobile-phone focused stores. A store locator is located at

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