Ten Useful apps for the iPad


Ten Useful apps for the iPad

With the numbers of those purchasing the iPads steadily increasing, app developers for the device have not exactly rested their oars themselves. Previous apps developed for the devices like the iPhone are being redesigned by their respective owners to conform to the iPad. In some cases, these apps now come with higher definition and better graphics which have to be purchased at figure much higher than that designed for the iPhone. Other apps have merely been upgraded in order to make better use of the controls of the iPad and its better processor speed. There are also other developers who have elected to design native apps right from scratch that will work on the iPad.

Due to its size, the iPad is seen as a “Kindle Killer” and some of the apps which users will find very useful for their iPads are highlighted below.

The iBooks from Apple Computer

Ten Useful apps for the iPad

This application is given a very good rating by users, with some electing to give it a nine out of a possible ten. A lot of attention and extra details have been added to this application which makes reading e-books on the iPad a better experience in comparison to Kindle. Using the iBooks reader is actually as close to reading a real book as it gets. It also has a backlit screen which takes it miles ahead of Amazon’s Kindle.

Sketchbook Pro app from Autodesk

Ten Useful apps for the iPad

This application is given a very high rating in the iTunes store and is a great buy for those who have to do something artistic from time to time. The app has integrated pressure sensitivity, good multi-touch features and the capability of exporting finished works in Photoshop format.

Korg iELECTRIBE from Korg, Inc

Ten Useful apps for the iPad

For those who have experience with beatboxes, this is a great application that features unbeatable virtual analog sounds.


Ten Useful apps for the iPad

This is a free app for that allows users with membership on Netflix to enjoy movies and TV shows on their iPads.


Ten Useful apps for the iPad

The skygrid application is one that would be well liked by zeitgeist devotees. It gives users an overview of information with high velocity on the internet.

iMockups app from Endloop Systems, Inc.

Ten Useful apps for the iPad

This application allows users to be able to create rough frames for sites on the internet. Elements can be easily rearranged using the app and it also allows for collaboration with other people. Although users would not get a finished product, it simplifies the process involved and allows concepts to be put down in a visual form.

Fastspot. From Jumbalaya

This app utilizes the multi-touch feature of the iPad for its intuitiveness. The app departs from the norm of clicking and pointing and allows users to feel they are making use of actual tiles when playing the game.

Sam & Max Episode 1, game app from Telltale

Ten Useful apps for the iPad

The first episode out of a serialized game, Sam & Max is a fun app developed for the iPad. The theme of the game includes comedy, science fiction, adventure and paranormal cop activity. The graphics in the app also rendered with good aesthetics.

Art Authority app developed by Open Door Networks Inc.

Ten Useful apps for the iPad

This application is that would appeal to lovers of art. It has forty thousand pixel images of the most famous sculptures and paintings in the world, all of which are arranged based on period in history that they were created. The app also has links to Wikipedia to give more information about each of the specified works.

Sketcher HD. Acai LLC

Ten Useful apps for the iPad

Good application for etching sketches. Makes use of the control features in the iPad to add extra functionality missing in other version created for other devices.

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