TDK Three Speaker Boombox


The TDK Three Speaker Boombox is an attractive speaker set which has a lot of power. However, the speaker has a bulky design and this makes it difficult to travel along.


The best thing about the TDK Three Speaker Boom box is its design which is something in between a retro hi-fi ‘80s nostalgia’ and Syd Mead-like ultramodern look. The retro hi-fi look has been seen previously on systems such as the Sound Platform and Soundfreaq but those were made of plastic. However, the 80s nostalgia boom box has also been seen before in systems like the Lasonic i931 but those too had a plastic material with awful Sonics. The TDK boom box is also good when looked at in the ultramodern look as it has been seen with companies such as Altec Lansing and Harman Kardon.

One of the greatest parts of the appeal is the materials of the TDK Three Speaker Boom box. On the top of the TDK is a frame with a white chunk of thick aluminum and it is definitely not a replica. The back side of the Boom box is enclosed by a smooth matte black plastic, with three split up screws that are used to hide a box of 12 D cell batteries. The handle of it is a metal board which has a cutaway for the hand and a wadding of leather crossways the entire length. This handle is a great help when you want to pick up the large speaker set from the ground.

The front side of the TDK boom box has a covering of a piano black luster acrylic and has buttons for station present, playback control and audio source that can be used with the help of irradiated capacitive touch panels. On the left and the right side of the buttons are two huge aluminum knobs to help control volume and tune radio settings.

Along with the good points of the design, weak points are also present in the boom box. The speaker offers an amplified gouge on the top when it should have offered a proper clock or insertion for your connected iPhone or iPod. The speaker has a daggling whisker that leads to the radio instead of having a proper telescopic whisker.

Features and Performance

The TDK Three Speaker Boombox has a number of features such as iPhone/iPod support through USB, FM/AM radio, USB stick media playback that supports MP3, WMA and AAC formats. However, a little disappointment that comes with this set is that it does not offer a remote control.

The Three Speaker Boombox has three drivers of 5.5 inches and a 15 watt woofer at its center bordered by two stereo speakers of 10 watts and advantage driven tweeters at their epicenter. Since the speakers are not enclosed in a grille, there are woven carbon fiber speakers that can make up to it. The woofers of the TDK boom box speakers are dedicated ones and there is no wonder that they emit serious low end. The speakers are not heavy in bass and have a balanced and purified sound that is quite much Bose.

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