Electricity and Water Actually CAN Mix!


As much as we like gadgets that have lots of buttons and pretty screens, we also have a great appreciation for gadgets that simply make our lives a bit easier and safer–and that’s exactly what the Wet Circuits Power Strip does.  It’s advanced patented design makes it the only water-resistant power strip on the market.

Designed for continuous indoor or outdoor use, it prevents electric shock and will keep your electronics powered if you face rain, snow, accidental spills and splashes. Other features include:

  • “Touch Protection” feature makes Wet Circuits completely children and animal safe – sticking tweezers or other foreign objects in the outlet won’t cause electric shoc
  • Smart fuse and circuit breaker can sense excess overheating (231-249º F) and discontinue any electric charge to prevent residential fires
  • Life-expectancy is four times that of normal power strips (which helps to justify the $70 price tag)

If you’re still wary, check out the kitschy demo videos on Wet Circuits website – the “lab angel” will assure you that it’s 100% safe.

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