T-Mobile Shadow 2


T-Mobile Shadow 2

T- Mobile shadow is another mobile set forth by the T mobiles in the Shadow range replacing the former Shadow. The model is an improvement of the former design and is named Shadow 2 largely to eliminate confusion with the former one. However, the name change has little to do with the improvement on ground. In certainty there are only a few upgrades and not a lot to see. Apart from the UMA calling over the traditional Wi-Fi there is nothing worth mentioning in the new design.

The Shadow 2 is still the same old slider having the same old Sure Type style Keyboard. The mobile houses Windows Mobile Standard Edition Operating System. It houses a QVGA display. The body shape however is new and the new shadow looks modern but has lost the esthetic appeal owning to the purely plastic body. The classy and the stylish look of the former shadow are missing in the new design. There are two colors to choose from, the white mint and the black burgundy. The minty color gives it a rich color and no doubt makes the phone attractive. The black burgundy is suitable for people who love dark colors on their phones or gadgets.

Time to unveil the curtains; the Shadow 2 has an upgraded CPU from the prior TI OMAP 201MHZ processor to the modern TI OMAPV1030 which is set at 260 MHz. The mobile functions on a Standard Edition 6.0 as against 6.1. There is still no room for GPS and neither is there any 3G for internet connection. The RAM has improved as against the slow Shadow 1. The system is an improvement but still lack skills to operate multiple applications simultaneously. The dimensions are rounded rather than the traditional angular shaped. The phone seems difficult to hold as it is slippery, but the phone is thick and round shaped. The number pad is elegantly flat and the buttons are large. This is especially useful for people who are having a hard time locating the right keys. The front display takes for most of the space on the front screen. The front buttons are large and simple to handle. SDHC micro SD card slot is included under the plastic door which can be accessed easily.

Some people would mostly find the camera functions to the right of the set, the numeric volume digits are on the upper left side of the mobile set. There is a combo HTC USB port that makes space for charging and stereo headset at the same time. The power button is up top like the traditional sets. The plastic body on one had made the mobile lose its appeal however it also makes space for shock absorption. The Shadow’s display comprises of 2.6″ QVGA 240 x 320 is clear and sharp looking as the charming BlackBerry Curve 8900 or the very famous T-Mobile G1. The phone however is better than many of its competitors when it comes to pricing and what it has to offer.

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