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Daren Paul

Former Business Analyst and columnist
Be it a Mac user or a Windows, data has always been crucial for the owner. It is needless to say that even a small instance of data loss, like accidental data deletion can have a severe impact either in terms of money or personal loss.

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery
Many believe that Mac users are relatively geek, rather I will say the geeks more likely love to use Mac. There is not much difference either. So, lets be focused that here I am talking about Mac users, troubles leading to data loss and some of the best Mac data recovery solutions.

I have stated that Mac users are believed to be computer geeks, but it is a matter of fact that both a novice user and a geek equally panic at the loss of his/her important data. Moreover, in Mac, data loss situations can be as simple as accidental deletion, formatting or anything really complex like file system corruption (Exa- Error -127 Disk could not used/found).

In this present day software market, there are many Mac data recovery utilities available, which promise to bring your lost or deleted data back. But, the actual credibility of a utility can only be judged from its on-field performance.

If I look into a user’s mind, who has recently lost his data to some accidental deletion or formatting of the storage media, the user just wants a software that has the best possible chance of recovering his data. The user tries to simulate his system environment (hardware, software configuration) as well as the data loss situation with that of the compatibility features of various software and selects the one that fits the best.

I had read several reviews before I took Stellar PhoenixMacintosh Macintosh Data Recovery for a real test drive. Tested the utility on my own Intel based Snow Leopard machine. Tried for recovering deleted files, formatted data, previously lost volumes, their data and amused with the result, which was pretty good.

I am really satisfied to write that Stellar Mac Data Recovery has been developed with powerful scanning algorithms to scan through the media and retrieves the files by finding out their lost entries. The software searches every sector of the media for the deleted/inaccessible files and shows the recoverable files in a tree view. The software also provides option to specify the range of sectors, in which you can search for the lost files. This useful utility also provides option to recover the lost songs, videos and photos from your iPod Classic or iPod Suffle. Moreover, along with options to recover deleted emails from Apple Mail and Entourage Mail, the software offers to create mountable image of selected volumes/hard drive as well as system start-up DVD.

Yes, so many useful features. Here, I have taken a purely users’ perspective to analyze the utility, like what the user can expect from a good Mac data recovery software after paying for $99 and the bottom line is –

“Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery is highly reliable and absolutely worth buying in situations of critical data loss (Deletion, Formatting, File System Corruption, OS X Malfunction, Drive inaccessibility due to Virus/Malware Infection etc.)”.

  • Daren Paul has worked as a business analyst with many software companies. He is a Mac expert and a regular columnist in various Mac related discussion forums, blogs etc. Daren also contributes quality reviews and business analysis reports to various on-line magazines and other print media.

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