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GetGlue: Social Networking and Media Addicts


GetGlue: Social Networking and Media Addicts

When you stample into GetGlue the first thing that would come into many peoples mind would be; is this yet another social network?

Many people are not remotely keen on engaging themselves in another social network app from their iphones. Surprisingly enough, many have discovered that GetGlue has so much more to offer. They have the most unique way of rating and reviewing lifestyle issues.

With GetGlue you can get to check into topics and select among a wide range of movies, music, books, TV shows, celebrities, video games among others. GetGlue and Foursquare are rather similar in their operations though with GetGlue one has to check in rather than select from various locations. Get Glue is enticing and has some great offers. For example, once a person makes it to seven stickers they can receive physical stickers. Isn’t that just great?

On GetGlue one has the option of rating different content. One can become an expert in a particular area by checking into it frequently. That way you increase your expertise and you can lead the discussions presented on that particular site page.

With GetGlue it is a requirement to get integrated with Facebook and Twitter. This is great as one can communicate to all three networks on a certain issue or topic. The check-in’s one makes will automatically show on all the three networks. It is therefore advisable for those who are conservatives not to link their profiles to the three networks. GetGlue allows you the opportunity to share your media habits.

Seemingly, checking in and rating have often been mistaken to be the same activity. There is definitely a difference. Checking is utilized when you want to share whatever it is that you are viewing. On the other hand rating expresses one’s opinion about something.

GetGlue are ready to ensure that their users are satisfied. For example, if you check into a category that is not very well developed or probably doesn’t exist then Get Glue gives you the option to email them and make suggestions.

They are various methods of getting information and starting discussions. One such method would be that of abruptly raising a topic from out of the blue. You can create a very active discussion.

Similar to other social networks, GetGLue allows you to comment on your friend’s likes and dislikes. It is more enjoyable to build a big friend’s list. This makes one have a larger database and they can comment more and be accessible to more people.

All in all GetGlue is a wonderful way to share your media habits with your friends from across other networks.


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