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Should You Switch Over to a New Web Hosting Company?


Should You Switch Over to a New Web Hosting Company

You find that your site has gone down again, and customer service seems to be no help, not the way you’d like it anyway. You are about to understand that the money you’re putting out isn’t getting you what you paid for. You’re paying too much for the hosting you’re getting for your site. If you are going through these painful headaches, it could be time to switch over to a new host.

There was a time that switching to a new host was a painful process in itself, but not any more. Today’s hosting companies have become very adept at helping you make your move, and have created tools to help the switch without the pain.

Here are a few signs that should tell you it’s time to switch over:

– If you find that your sites are down pretty often, and for long periods of time, then you most definitely need to make a switch. It’s a really bad sign when you have lots of downtime to deal with, and you really shouldn’t have to. It’s frustrating, and it can cost you money and headaches. Good hosts can keep your uptime delivered and can help you quickly with any kind of issues that should arise. They should have safeguard put into place to protect you from these things happening to you. If your site is down very often, it´s time to switch over. This means that the company you’re with either doesn’t have the money for investing in their infrastructure or they haven’t made it a high priority. Regardless of their reason, you shouldn’t stick around to find out.

– If you see that your price steadily climbs up while the service remain the same, it’s a good sign it’s time to switch. The web hosting marketplace is very competitive, and hosting companies are always upgrading the features, the bandwidth, the disk space, and other things so they can stay competitive. If your hosting company raises your rates but still only offers the same old tired packages, then it’s a really good sign to move on.

– If you consistently bump against the bandwidth and our disk space limits, it’s time to make your move. The chances are if you still own a hosting plan that really restricts your disk space and your bandwidth limits, then that plan is outdated. It’s much more common for hosting plans to offer unlimited bandwidth today. if you’re being restricted in any area, it might be a good time to make your switch.

– If you find your site inventory keeps growing and chokes on your current plan, it’s a good sign to make the switch. If you keep adding sites to the same account, and you find that one or two of the sites that have more traffic on than the others is slowing down your account due to bandwidth issues, this is a very good sign you need to make a switch. You should also be able to add new domains by an unlimited number within your plan limits. In the old days they would charge you separately for every new hosted domain, but those days have been gone for a while now and you shouldn’t participate in this kind of treatment any longer.

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