The History Of Brother Printer Ink And Its Benefits


Brother printer ink began in 1939 in Japan and has since become one of the largest in the world with operations in over 28 countries. The move to England began in 1959 in London, the capital, but was moved to Manchester in 1968 after purchasing another company: Jones Sewing Machine Company. Brother is one of the largest printer and ink cartridge companies in the world and many of its products are available through various retail outlets throughout the world and online.  They have recorded sales worldwide in over 100 countries. Brother is committed to providing the highest level of service and dedicated to continuous improvement throughout its organization, implementing feedback from both employees and customers. Brother’s product line isn’t exclusively printers and ink.  They also sell a range of scanners, quality typewriters and fax machines that are also compatible with the range of ink cartridges sold.

Most brother printer ink, in its consumer form, has a life of around 250 pages with 5% coverage. The larger cartridges can go right up to 480 pages but your ability to use these would depend on the kind of printer you own. Brother cartridges can be refilled, which is economical, good for the environment, and is easy to do.

Brother printer ink cartridges are refilled by using a syringe. The sticker on top of the cartridge is pulled back using the flat head of a screwdriver to reveal the spongy inside of the cartridge, and the hole is widened with a thumb drill. Each cartridge can hold around 7ml of ink – the syringe is used to inject the ink carefully into the cartridge. Once full, the hole needs to be taped over again, the cover snapped back into place, and the syringe cleaned and dried. If not clean, the ink will dry inside – rendering the syringe useless.  Colors will be mixed and the ink from inside will not be the color expected. The best way to do this is to soak in warm water for a duration, then left to air dry.

While this method of filling Brother printer ink cartridges is both economical and extremely good for the environment – you can save some time and effort with similar benefits by purchasing remanufactured ink. It allows you to use one cartridge several times over and is much cheaper than buying a completely new cartridge which can be pricier. All cartridges are guaranteed to match the quality and precision of all new products and in some cases the print quality is supremely better.

Brother also sells remanufactured ink cartridges which are in no way inferior when compared to a new product. All moving parts are checked thoroughly, all worn parts are replaced and all cartridges undergo stringent tests to prove that it is performing at optimum levels before they let you take it away for use. Some new Brother products are even manufactured from recycled parts and materials from older, unusable cartridges.

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