Samsung Galaxy Mini Review



Easy to use
Compact size
Fast swype keyboard
Social networking


Low screen resolution
Basic camera
Small keyboard
Slow processor
Lower battery life

Smaller and less advanced than its cousins, the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II, the Samsung Galaxy Mini is still an ideal phone for those of you who would like a simpler phone. Cheaper and more basic, this is perhaps a good phone for a person new to Smartphones or on a budget. It allows you to learn how the Android system works, while not overwhelming you.

Samsung Galaxy Mini would be good for those of you, who are always on the go; easy to fit into your pocket and with its swype keyboard – you can both message and store on it fast. The Galaxy Mini can use most applications that the Galaxy S II can, but the graphics for the Mini are not as good; this could be a result of the small 3.1 inch screen and disappointing 240×320 pixel display. This can make playing games, reading emails and surfing the web less desirable.

Let’s be honest, it is a nice looking phone and easy to handle. Although the Mini may look slightly cheap, it doesn’t feel cheap – weighing 106g, it feels quite stable. The Mini has three front buttons; the buttons are comfortable to use, but this cannot as easily be said about the touch-screen keyboard.

The camera on the phone is not quite up to the level comparing with the other phones in this range, with only 3 megapixels and a 3x zoom. Added to the point, there is no flash or front camera, so the camera itself is not as good as other Galaxy phones. The battery life decreases fast, especially when the phone is using applications. The phone itself has a slow processor, which can result in it being less responsive. The screen, unlike the Galaxy S II, does not react to light touches, so you may need to be firmer.

With easy use of emails, popping up straight to your phone and the Facebook app, this phone is one that will keep you connected. Loading social network sites isn’t too daunting for the phone, so you can use them pretty fast. There’s an app already installed that keeps all emails from various email addresses stored together. This can save you time in checking emails at different places, instead having everything in one place.


To conclude, although there are less impressive aspects of the phone, like the low resolution and basic camera – it should be remembered that this is a cheap phone, so all this is understandable. The Mini does contain most things you require out of a smartphone. The social networking aspect could be a good prospect for a younger buyer, who doesn’t have the money for those fancier high-end phones.

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