Revolutionizing Android 2.0


Revolutionizing Android 2.0

It has been over a year since the first version of Android operating system hit the market with its excellent and highly advanced features.    A gift to the technology world by Android Inc., which was bought by Google back in 2005. The fact that Android OS has been designed exceptionally well is proven by people themselves as Android smart phones completely dominated the market once they hit the shelves.

Experts were still discussing the success and excellence of Android 1 when Google decided to launch the second version for Android 2.0. These operating systems are one of a kind. Their base is a modification of Linux Kernel and holds numerous java applications, commonly known as “apps”. Their source code extends to a huge number of over 12 million.

One might wonder about, what features an Android 2.0 OS holds that make it so successful. To start with, the first version of Android 2.0 had a lot of upgrades from Android 1.0. It features in-built flash support for your camera, excellent contrast ratio to balance with the background, Bluetooth 2.1 and live wallpapers to make your experience a better one. Browsing capabilities have been enhanced in this version with the support of HTML5 and Browser UI.

The latest version for this Operating System is Android 2.3 which included all updates for 2.2 versions. It provides a download manager for all sorts of downloads activated on your gadget. Along with the manager, it features support for multiple cameras. Support for digital zoom is also provided. The most enjoying feature which has been embedded is the support for multi-touch experience. Game developers will have more fun while working as audio, video and graphical support has been enhanced. It has been one of the most popular OS not only because of the support it provides for hardware but also its applications which include improved contact lists and upgraded version of Google map.

The developers of Android 2.0 OS did not wait for much longer time and made its development kit, abbreviated as SDK and the source codes available online. Thus, developers find it more easy and comfortable to study the codes for this impressive OS. The support features for Java apps, Multimedia and excellent connectivity technologies have been looked upon very carefully. The database will be handled by SQL. Necessary and highly helpful sensors and widgets are what add an extra advantage to Android users over others.

Android 2.0 is not what Google wants to get satisfied with. They have started working for the next expected release of Android which will be Android 3.0 version, also known as the Honeycomb. The new version of Android will ensure a better user interface with tablet support. Moreover, advanced and updates features of Google chrome will be made available to the users along with Multitasking. It will be the first time when support video chat for Google chat will be provided.

Another expected version after Honeycomb is the Ice Cream Sandwich version which is expected to excellence in the field of Technology for Google.

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