Play Sparta: War Of Empires Like A Pro


Are you looking for some action-packed video gaming, laced in thrill, rush, adventure, and amazing excitement? Well, Sparta: War of Empires from Plarium promises the desired adrenaline run with its strategic moves smoldering battlefield set in the historic city of Sparta.

The Game

Play Sparta: War Of Empires Like A Pro

The game commences with a turmoiled Greece in the 5th C B.C., where King Leonidas is looking for a brave warrior to free his nation from the threats of Persian giant Xerxes. The Greek king chooses Archon (you) as the leader here in the midst of battle against the large army of the Persian ruler to protect your city-state. The player here is endowed with the task of building and commanding the army, safeguarding as well as growing the land – which is the main source of your wealth and resources. Bring into play your strategic diplomacy, turn on resource trading and form allies with fellow Archons to challenge the rival cities, free Greece from the grasp of enemies- and make your place in history.

Game Guide

Here is a brief on Sparta Game Guide that will help you to play like a pro.

Draft Agreement to Enhance your Army

The game starts with Greece crumbling down under the pressure of Xerxes’ huge army and to protect your land, you have to enhance the size and strength of your army as well. Thus, you have to draft agreements with different ally cities to garner their support in gaining abilities, training new units and structure new buildings. Every day, Ephors would draft new agreements to form alliance with cities and if you don’t want them, you can easily trade those to fellow Archons at Ephorate. Update the agreements to improve the statistics of respective units and buildings.

Resource Management

You have to master the smart management of your three most important resources in order to rise against Xerxes- Bronze, Grain, and Timber. You will need to structure farms, lumberyards as well as forges to enhance the production of your resources that will further help with a steady supply of the essentials for your city people and warriors. The bronze and timber stockpiles would be stored within city warehouses, while the granaries are to store the grains. All your units would need a specific volume of grain every hour and you have to go on building and upgrading your farms for increased grain production every hour. You can trade the surplus resources with allies, friends, and even enemies!

Master Strategic Tactics

Xerex is a powerful enemy and you would need a large team to defeat him. Thus, it’s intelligent to form or join coalitions with fellow Archons- by which you would mutually help each other in times of need. Your friendship with other Archons will assist you with a steady supply of resources, articles, and reinforcements in crisis when you fall short of your own supply.

The game is famous for top-notch audio-visual effects that will sweep you to the blazing battlefield of ancient Greece once the game starts.

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