Moon Bingo Is On Facebook!


Yes, that’s right! The top bingo site of the United Kingdom is now on the social network, Facebook. Don’t be surprised… everyone is on Facebook these days. Moon Bingo is no mere page on the popular site though. It pampers the fervent players with a wealth of freebies by simply participating in some mini-games. Amazing right? Being on Facebook and giving away generous promos are but two reasons why Moon Bingo is considered a favourite! Time to seize the opportunity and rejoice on the profusion of perks to be encountered at Moon Bingo!

A Trove Of Games!

At Moon Bingo, be ever ready to plunge in some terrific gameplay on 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo games. The bingo site is jammed with such awesome games filled with fun while offering chances to grab heavy rewards. In fact, some of the bingo games house Progressive Jackpots set to bring the fun to the next level!

But Moon Bingo does not only welcome bingo players. If you prefer slot and casino games, feel free to step into the magical realm and play some of the most famous titles. High-quality casino games are promised since they are straight out of the crafty factories of top software developers. Not to overlook the gracious designs and effects included during the gameplay. Players are becoming fans of some stunning releases like Fluffy Favourites Slots, Starburst Slot and Cleopatra Slot. Thanks to the gorgeous features, amazing visuals and sensational payouts. Care giving the slots a try?

Promotions – A Choice Of Quality And Quantity

This news might be shaking you to the core! Moon Bingo got a whole page exclusively dedicated to some of the greatest deals in promotions and freebies! Feel free to get your clicks ready for the latest seasonal offers at the bingo site. After all, the fellow punters at Moon Bingo are known to pounce at a promo as soon as they are live! Such are the prizes being offered that you would want it to be on your account as soon as possible!

Since we’re talking about the Promotions, do not forget that there are some incredibly good deals on the Facebook page of Moon Bingo as well! Yes, ladies and gents… think you can seize some of them today?

Services On A Part With The Best!

An incomparable bingo site and no top services? That’s not done! Which is why Moon Bingo provides an amazing customer-oriented support team. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the dedicated team as soon as you spot an issue.

Did you know that Loyalty pays at Moon Bingo? You are entitled to a selection of bonuses as well as privileges when you are made a VIP at the bingo site. From a range of gaming bonuses to outstanding benefits in withdrawals, these premium perks are all set and ready to amplify your gaming time!

New to bingo? Nothing to worry about! Moon Bingo got a section specially built to teach you the A B C of bingo. A little tutorial on how to navigate through the site as well is offered.

Running on the latest technologies, Moon Bingo promises high-quality entertainment. As such, be sure not to miss onto the site. How about paying a visit to Moon Bingo’s Facebook page? You are an ever-lasting star there… get ready to be treated with the most deluxe of prizes!

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