5 Popular Console Games You Can Play on Mobile Devices


Too many console games made a poorly executed move to the mobile world, causing some avid gamers to dismiss the genre entirely. If you love gaming but demand the same level of user experience in your mobile apps as your console devices, here are the top picks for you.

1. Need for Speed: Most Wanted


Neck-breaking speed teams up with some good-natured lawlessness to produce this racing game from EA Sports. While Criterion was working on the console edition of the game, Fire Monkeys took on the mobile version, producing a fast and visually appealing product. Reviewers rank it as highly as the console version, with almost all the cars available to players from the beginning of the game. Race alone or connect with friends to compete.

2. Rayman Jungle Run


A mobile spin-off from the popular Rayman Origins, this game isn’t just fun, it’s fantastically beautiful. It features a simple one thumb play, new worlds and new powers to unlock. The music also gets rave reviews, along with the smooth control operations and nine levels for each of the four worlds.

3. Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles

Experience the Crusades of 1191 A.D. and save the Holy Land of Jerusalem in this game of stealth, action and puzzle solving. The mobile version features an offscreen virtual joystick and the same timed battle system of the console version. It’s also easy to adapt from console play to mobile play with this app.

4. Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies

Unlike many of the mobile games, the Wi-Fi capabilities of this app allow for full multiplayer experience, so you can play with friends around the world, not just those sharing the Internet connection with you. Though it only features one map, more maps are on the way as paid downloads. It’s based on the zombie version of the console Call of Duty game, and is fully 3D. It also works with Bluetooth. The mobile version offers three control methods, but reviewers prefer the tilt based controls to aim, because it’s most like the console experience.

5. Civilization Revolution

Start with a village and work towards a world superpower with this fully-featured mobile civilizations app. It includes everything offered in the console version, with all 16 unique civilizations. There are four ways to work your way up the ladder to world domination: through military power, technology, economic savvy or cultural methods.

6. Casino Games

Perhaps the best transition from console or PC gaming to mobile is in casino games. The game play offers everything from a relaxing spin on the roulette wheel to an edgy hand of blackjack. It’s easier than ever to enjoy casino games on your mobile device, as casinos like offer mobile versions of all their games right from the website. After a simple download (which is usually free) gaming is easy, fast-paced and entertaining.

Fortunately, mobile apps are gaining in popularity – which means more attention to the graphics, sound and playability of mobile games. As consumers take mobile gaming more seriously, developers offer better apps to meet consumer demands. It’s another win-win in the world of online games.

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