LED Technology In Torches


In the Beginning There Was Light

Handheld torches have been in existence for over one hundred years. Typically, the torch would use an incandescent light bulb as its source of light. However, incandescent bulbs used in torches can be susceptible to breakage and have a comparatively very short lifespan.

Whether fitted with an incandescent bulb or an LED light, both types of torches usually require one or more batteries for power.

“Flashlight” or “Torch”?

The American term for “torch” (British English) is “flashlight”. Very early models of torches were powered by zinc-carbon batteries, which are unable to sustain a constant electrical current. Therefore there had to be a period of resting every few minutes or so. Hence the term “flashlight” came into existence.

LEDs Advance Torch Technology

LED Technology is rapidly replacing incandescent lights in everyday torches. LEDs have a few advantages when compared to traditional bulbs as a light source for handheld torches.

The first LED torch entered the market in the early 2000s, shortly after LED technology moved into the lighting arena. Once LED torches became a viable retail product, their foothold in the handheld torch market has grown exponentially. The potential exists for even more growth with all of the advances being made in the LED industry, as a whole.

LED Torches Versus Incandescent Torches

As indicated earlier, LED torches have considerable advantages over ones that use incandescent bulbs. The list below highlights those distinct advantages:

·         LEDs are more efficient than their incandescent counterparts

LED lights use much less battery life than incandescent bulbs to produce the same amount of light. This efficient use of their power source results in a gadget that can last years.

·         The LED torch will have a longer battery life

When compared to incandescent torches, LED torches will generally use less power – requiring less wattage to produce a very high quality of light.

·         LED lights are much more sturdy

Replacing an incandescent glass light bulb in a torch can be tricky at best. The bulbs themselves can be small and fragile in comparison to LED light, which are much more robust. In addition, LED torches are sometimes fitted with LEDs for life – requiring no finicky replacing of bulbs.

·         LED torches can have a variety of colours

Unlike incandescent bulbs LED lights now come in a wide spectrum of colours. This advancement in technology has been a big influence on new models of LED torches. These coloured LED torches can be used for indicating and signalling. Coloured LED torches can be a distinct advantage in market sectors requiring the use ultraviolet and infrared lighting.

New Uses for LED Torches

Coloured LED torches are lighting the way for LEDs in a variety of new industries. Infrared LED torches can be used in night vision systems. Torches with red-coloured LEDs have many adaptations in signalling and tracking devices.

For LED torches there exists many more ways that advances in LED technology will create an even better product.

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