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On the 22nd April, we celebrate Earth day, a day to encourage environmentally friendly practices.

This year’s theme was “Mobilise the Earth”, encouraging everyone to do their bit and spread the word, whether you’re all about recycling, cutting down on water or lessening your energy consumption.

However, a lot of us are guilty of simply forgetting to help our world out.

I know I keep my laptop plugged in 24/7, even though it’s got a huge battery (purposefully bought so I wouldn’t have to have it plugged in 24/7). I know I take an extra five minutes in the shower just to avoid bracing the cold for a little while longer. I know I just throw plastic food containers in the bin to avoid washing them out…

OK, maybe I’m pretty bad at being eco-friendly – but that is where my iPhone is coming in handy.

Here are 5 apps to help you be a responsible green citizen.

  1. iRecycle

This app is really useful if your local council still hasn’t got its act together and organised recycling pickup.

iRecycle tells you the closest places to you where you can recycle almost anything, whether it’s a load of plastic, a knackered car or a washing machine. It also does all the separating and sorting for you, so you know exactly what pile to put that foil-lined juice carton in.

2. iViro

This app will let you know exactly how much energy your household is using, assessing cooling, heating, hot water, lighting and appliances. It then suggests ways you can save energy – whether it’s upgrading or retrofitting.

3. Green Shine

Self confessed clean-freak (like me)? Well, your house’s cleanliness doesn’t have to suffer if you’re trying to be greener.

Green Shine tells you exactly how to clean anything from a leather sofa to a clogged drain using environmentally friendly store cupboard ingredients. Don’t worry about damaging your furniture either – all solutions are gentler than the conventional ones we use.

4. Carticipate

Think of this as an eco hitchhiking app.

Carticipate pairs you up with other drivers and passengers that are heading the same way as you. Just input the route you’re going, and let the app do the rest. Just make sure you agree on how much you’re contributing to fuel before you set off…

5. GreenMeter

This app lets you know how efficient your driving is so you can become a greener car user.

Just enter a few details about your car, the type of fuel you use and the weather, and it uses the accelerometer on your IPhone to calculate how much fuel, oil and power your car consumes, as well as its carbon emissions.

Don’t forget about being green at work too, just a few tweaks can make sure you’re doing your bit. Try putting a recycling box next to every photocopier and printer to encourage people to recycle, and getting your boss to change the light bulbs to low energy ones. Even things like choosing an eco-friendly colocation server for your energy hungry home office can help.

Good luck with being greener!

Jasmine Ayres is an eco-blogger and business specialist who writes for ConnetU server hosting. She offers advice on how to be more environmentally friendly (whilst trying to be greener herself) as well as all things business.

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