Instant Voice Auto-tune with Micdroid Android Application


Instant Voice Auto-tune with Micdroid Android Application In the music industry today, most of the listeners are already familiar with the word Auto-tune. It is a special effect frequently used to give a robotic sound to a tune. It probably is the most popular effect which is commonly added to songs these days. For those aspiring singers who gets tired of listening to their usual voices and want to add some special effects, specifically the Auto-tune, to their recordings without as much as having to pay for high-priced and very expensive recording instruments or go to recording studios, then the Micdroid Application for Android is a good tool to utilize.

The Micdroid for Android is a recording application which gives an auto-tune effect in basically anything that the users want to sing or say by making some changes with the key, pitch and level of correction of the recordings. Initially, the users should do the installation process of the application. By the way, it can be downloaded for free. There is a pay version but it does not have any difference with former. Once done, everything is just so simple to manipulate. The application’s interface makes it easy for the users to go over the entire application.  A record button will appear on the screen, prompting the users to start their recording. By just pressing or holding the button, the users can now say anything or sing whatever song they would like to be recorded. Once satisfied with the recording, the users can then press the off button and immediately save their named file. Now the process of adding the autotune effect to the recording automatically begins. After a while, the users can already listen to the finished product in the Recording Library. It is also where all the list of recordings are compiled and viewed. Additionally, the application enables the users to combine their normal voice with the autotuned one to make a more realistic effect to the recording. The application also allows the users to manually configure the recording settings since it provides an option for Pitch Correction Setting. The users can have the option to set the recording as their ringtone, send the file to another mobile device, or actually transfer it online through their email accounts.

On the other hand, the downer of this application is that it has no instructions on how to manually adjust the pitch correction setting to give varied effects. So to the users who are not really that familiar with the technical adjustments, they need to figure it out all by themselves. The application does not also have any other live effects and frequently fails to record without any notice. Also, its interface is not really very physically appealing and it has lesser features compared to the other application brands leading in the market. Anyhow, it is still an easy and fun application to use. Since the application can be downloaded for free, it is good to give it a try and find out some features which might be favourable to the user’s preference.

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