Video Production & Branding Are Birds Of A Feather


Video has become the standard for communication and effective advertising on the internet. Potential customers no longer want to sift through pages of specifications text or scroll through a long roll of product photos. Now, successful brands present themselves and their products to potential customers in a concise video format for targeted sharing and greater results. This trend is proving that video production and successful branding are perfect for each other.

The Look

The best videos focus a viewer on their message without ever confronting them with the intentional decisions that were made regarding the look of the overall video. To be successful, video companies like New Jersey Video Production leave nothing to chance. Every aspect of a videos look must either contribute to the aesthetic of the message or it must be removed. In order to build a brand’s aesthetic, a video should show the viewer what the company or product stands for instead of just saying it. Is this a product for someone that will appreciate bright colors and a sense of urgency, or is this product something that is soothing and is best represented by muted colors and a slower pace? Questions like this help videographers set the tone by constructing the most suitable look.

The Sound

A great video may begin with a strong associated aesthetic, but the script is still a very powerful element. It is a proven fact that people garner most of their information in presentations from the non-verbal communication elements of the speaker, but there still remains a consistent percentage of information that is gained from what is said. With this is mind, it is import to be sure that the video is sharing the message in a clear and memorable way. Whether it is through a soft sexy voice to convey the attractiveness of a brand, or through a clearly confident voice to establish a brand’s authority on a subject, the script and the sound of the presenter are critical to conveying the message to viewers. The look sets the stage, but it is the script that delivers the message.

The Feel

Production companies, like New Jersey Video Production, are experts at bringing it all together to create that perfect feel. A brand is dependent on a strong presentation, and what makes a strong presentation is that everything must fit together perfectly. The look of the video will set the stage, the script will deliver the message, and the editors will bring it all together with perfect pacing and music to ensure the video conveys the emotional feel of the brand perfectly.

Video production and product branding are perfectly suited for each other when they are properly matched. Just as a great video can exponentially increase the awareness and popularity of a brand, it can also misrepresent and damage a brand when improperly carried out. That is why successful branding is best left in the hands of professional video production companies because every brand deserves a great video presentation.

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