14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople


14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

For the past two years, businesspeople have been clamoring for Android devices and it could be a good time to check about what Android can do for enterprises. With so many apps in the Android Market nowadays, determining the cream of the crop won’t be easy. Even so, these are some apps that business users shouldn’t do without.

1. Scan2PDF Mobile

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

It allows you to scan a paper document with the phone’s camera and convert it to PDF file. As long as you’ve a decent camera and decent lighting, you can turn your phone into a scanner and fax all at once. The camera output can be enhanced and converted into a PDF file with acceptable quality, which can be emailed to your co-workers. A free demo is available in the Android market and with just $14.99, you can have a portable scanner and fax in your pocket.

2. DroidSecurityAntivirus

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

Although Android is a useful business device, due to the more relaxed apps distribution, a proper Antivirus software is necessary. DroidSecurity is a widely-used app, which is installed on nearly 3 million Android devices. Businesspeople can protect themselves from likely problems as the Android’s openness also increases the chance of security risks.

3. Google Voice

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

For businesspeople, it could be handy to get quick number consolidation, voicemail transcription and text notification. It’s one of the Google’s offerings, which should make you convinced about its usability and overall quality. The competing apps may also be similarly useful, but Google Voice is free.

4. JuiceDefender.

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

Businesspeople use their smartphones intensively, as it can replace some of notebook tasks with smaller devices. Unfortunately, smartphones battery can die quickly. JuiceDefender can help you to lengthen the battery life, by streamlining features usages when the phone is idle. For example, the app can turn-off the Wi-Fi when it isn’t used for a certain period of time. Processor usages can also be minimized by disabling certain unneeded services and features. UltimateJuice has more features, but cost you $3.50, while the basic version is free.

5. Recordoid Dictaphone

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

The app can turn your Android phone into a Dictaphone, to record voice and sound. It also allows you to create notes and send them via e-mail. The recording location can be saved and viewed on the map. You can download the Lite version in the Android Market for free, while the full version is $1.99.

6. Intuit GoPayment

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

It allows you to accept credit card payments using an Android phone. A receipt is sent to the consumer via test message or e-mail after the payment is approved. It requires a minimum monthly fee of $12.95 plus an additional fee for each successful transaction.

7. GMote

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

You can remotely control your laptop with an Android phone, making it easier to run presentations and movies from across the room. It has common remote control functionality such as play, pause, voice control and rewind. An intuitive browser lets you choose files you want to play. You can download it for free on the Android Market.

8. TripIt

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

The app can help you to create a detailed itinerary based on your business travel plans. After sending a confirmation email to the TripIt server, you can have an itinerary that is stored in the cloud and can be viewed anytime online by approved workgroup members. The basic version is free, the Pro edition costs $69 per year, while with the Business version you can organize and synchronize itinerary for 10 workgroup members simultaneously for $399 per year.

9. Universal Translator

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

With this app, two people can take turn talking into the phone and it translates what other says in a digitally synthesized and accurately accented voice. It would be an especially invaluable tool when you’re negotiating with merchants in a foreign country, with just $1.99 you no longer need to worry about language barrier.

10. Twidroid

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

A handy Twitter client for Android, its simple interface can help you to tweet important information to co-workers quickly. The commercial version costs you $3.99, however a free version is also available.

11. Roadsync

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

If you use Microsoft Exchange, the app helps you to sync your phone with Exchange servers owned by your company via ActiveSync technology. It supports e-mail, calendar appointments and contacts synchronization. A free 2-week trial is available on the Android Market, while the commercial version is $9.99

12. Zagat to Go

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

It helps you to find restaurant and other venues in many cities, a truly life-saver if you need to entertain your business clients quickly. The app offers reviews and ratings for more than 40,000 restaurants, shops, nightspots and hotels, which are updated periodically. If your Android device is equipped with GPS feature, it can help you to find the place quickly. With just $9.99, you’ll never get lost again.

13. LogMeIn

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

It can remotely connect and control your work computer from anywhere, giving an instant access even when you’re thousands of miles away. With just $29.99, you don’t need to worry about leaving an important file behind again.

14. MyBackup Pro

14 Best Android Apps for Businesspeople

If you miss the BlackBerry-style backup, this app can offer you just that on an Android phone. Phone’s data can be stored on either secure Rerware’s online server or the SD Card. If you’re concerned that your phone can be damaged and lost, the application APK install files can also be stored. This feature is also handy if you need to reset and upgrade your current phone or buy a new phone. With just $4.99, you don’t need to worry about losing your files.

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