I Have A Good Ranking On Google. How Do I Maintain It?


search engine optimizationAs an online marketer your objective would be to gain top rankings on prominent search engine listings. But once you get there you have to ensure that you retain your page rank. This is due to the fact that search engines such as Google are constantly evolving and making changes to their algorithms to weed out irrelevant websites from their SERP’s. Apart from that you have your competitors to deal with. Online marketing is a highly competitive domain where everyone is vying for the top ten rankings on SERP’s. Your competitors are obviously constantly making changes to their SEO strategy and they could soon overtake you and clinch the number one spot. Hence, it is essential for you to devise methods in order to prevent your page rank from going down the line.

  • Keep your content fresh and updated – Search engines such as Google always favor websites that update their content regularly. This is one of the best ways to maintain your hierarchy on Google’s SERP’s. Constantly update your website by adding good quality relevant content to your pages. Google will have no other option but retain your page rank.
  • Generate more organic traffic – Another effective way to ensure that you retain your page rankings on Google is by expanding the number of link backs to your website. This is a very good SEO strategy that will ensure that your site receives an influx of organic traffic. This can be done by uploading your articles in numerous article directories, directing traffic to your web site via your blog as well as creating a social network profile for your company. Doing so would guarantee a good stream of traffic that will convince Google that you are a legitimate top of the line site that is popular online and you would retain your page ranking.
  • Optimize your sites click through rates – You should optimize your click through rates by including the most targeted keywords in your title tags. Replace your title tags with something short and catchy. The title tags are the links in bold for a website that are displayed on SERP’s. Using a catchy title tag would lure potential visitors to click on the link. As more people click on your link, your site popularity would gain more traffic and this would in turn help you maintain your page rank.
  • Optimize your keywords – SEO is a constant process that is subject to lots of frequent alterations and changes. As an online marketer you should constantly keep track of the latest SEO trends and formulate new keywords for your site. This way you would ensure that your page continues to rank high because your content has the most targeted keywords.

Gaining a top notch page rank in Google is quite an achievement, but that’s just half the job done. The other half involves constantly making changes to your SEO strategy so that you retain your rankings and do not lose out to your competitors. By following these useful tips you can rest assured that your website will continue to reign supreme on SERP’s.

Chris Burns writes for Search Engine Optimization x. Visit the site for news and free tips about optimizing your website for organic rankings.

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