4 Reasons to Create A Facebook Fan Page For Your Business



Everyone’s favorite social networking site Facebook has become one of the most frequented sites on the Internet. With over 500 million users, Facebook has created a stellar platform for automotive dealers to gain maximum exposure for their business and expand their targeted audience by tapping into the immense consumer base on the networking site.

That being said, Facebook has realized the enormous business potential thatcar dealerships can achieve and has developed applications and customized pages that specifically cater to the needs of automotive dealerships seeking to break new ground for their business through social media marketing. This is a great opportunity for automotive dealers to gain visibility for their business and achieve a true value proposition for their marketing efforts.

Mentioned below are some of the advantages of creating a Facebook fan page for your car dealer website.

  • Leverage the power of SMM through Facebook’s business apps – To meet the exigent need for car dealer websites to promote their business on Facebook, the social networking giant has created a range of business applications that can catapult your auto dealerships marketing strategy into overdrive. Apps such as Professional Profile, IEndorse and My BusinessBlinkWeb have been tailor-made to give thrust to your dealerships Facebook campaign.
  • Car inventory marketing on Facebook  – Your car dealer website would gain enormously by marketing your inventory through your Facebook page. The networking site allows auto dealers to upload and link photographs and videos of their cars to their official landing pages. Your Facebook fans can now view your inventory directly on your Facebook page and hone in on their choice of car.
  • Interact and respond to customers real time – Facebook has a chat facility through which you can interact with potential customers on a real time basis. This helps you to personalize your car dealer website to your fans and respond to all their doubts and queries.
  • Expand your network and in turn your targeted audience –Facebook provides you with a great opportunity for your car dealer website to expand its targeted audience by simply increasing your fans on your page. Make your page engaging to attract more followers and in turn direct them to your website with the help of contests and apps.

Despite its numerous advantages most car dealer website owners are yet to discover the benefits of creating a Facebook fan page for their business. Meanwhile Facebook continues to expand and augment its site to include more applications and features that can successfully drive traffic to your dealership site and enhance your online marketing presence to the hilt.

About the Author: Chris Burns owns Florida based dealer websites provider, BURN SEO, LLC. Stop by their blog to get lots of useful information about marketing the smart way, the digital way!

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