HTC S740 / HTC S743


HTC S740 or HTC S743

HTC S743 is certainly a smart phone that is a gem of an asset to own. This Smartphone is a 6.1 version. It is a Windows phone that features a QWERTY keyboard. It is actually a newer version of traditional S740 and comes with more or less the similar functionalities, accessories and outlook tools as the HTC S740; the mobile is just another one in the series of HTC S-series.

This phone is currently being brought in markets almost throughout the world by local & international importers and other online retailers. It is being successfully tagged as a quad band with an unlocked GSM, EDGE and Euro Only third generation technology. The great thing about this phone is that it operates on 850/1900MHz of AT&T with US-3G HSDPA but does have some problems with 3G bands by T-Mobile.


This mobile phone is unique when it comes to aesthetic appeal. It’s formal and casual at the same time, its small in size like the imported version to HTC Fuze and HTC Touch Pro. The mobile is equipped with a QVGA LED display and faster 528 MHz Qualcomm Central Processing Unit, which is a marvel of technology with in itself. Other notable attractions are FM radio, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth connectivity and a camera with 3.2 megapixels that includes an auto focus lens as well.


The best thing that would make people buy this is that it features a Smartphone equipped with Windows, which can certainly be beneficial for professionals and businessmen who are on the go most of the times. It is cheap and affordable to those who would normally never look into the possibility of buying these features in any other brand.


Outstanding features add value to a great device. They give it a competitive edge over other machines. The exciting features that accompany this phone are of great value. The first and the foremost would be the splendid display. It accommodates for 65 colors Light Emitting Diode and backlit color Liquid Crystal Display. The battery place houses a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. The 256 Megs RAM and the same quality ROM add another touch to the spice. The dimensions are 4.58 in x 1.71 in x 0.65 inches pretty much what are desired in the modern smartphone. The mobile weighs 4.94 ounces a piece with makes it pretty handle. The phone runs on software that makes it unique amongst all its competitors. The Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard Edition operating system is one of its kinds and is equipped with the Mobile office which provides all the MS office related software in a mobile phone.

Little disadvantage:

However, with many advantages come some back draws as well. Unlike many other phones, the position of Micro SD card in HTC S740 is somewhat odd. It is placed under the SIM card, which makes it an obligation to reboot the device every time one has to change the micro card. This is the only thing that would go down with this mobile; otherwise, at this price, not a lot of phones are available with the characteristics that it keeps.

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