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HTC Flyer

For those who fancy tablet casing but require a smart phone, HTC has introduced a mobile gadget for them called HTC Flyer. It is a very portable and stylish gadget that has been able to attract a number of buyers. Its touchscreen system and the digital pen are the main features that make it a magical gadget. It has got everything that one can think of. The amazing connectivity and the easy to use applications have made it even more user-friendly.

Key Features of HTC Flyer:

HTC has tried to capture a part of tablet market by introducing HTC Flyer. It has got the features of both a smart phone and that of a tablet. Its weight is less than 14.82 ounces and a measure of 7.7″ (H) x 4.8″ (W) x 0.52″ (D). It is a unique Android device with tablet features; for instance, it comes with touchscreen that not only supports the digital pen but also your fingers. It has got a storage capacity of 16 GB and a 1.5 GHz processor. Wi-Fi connectivity is supported by the current version but HTC has planned to launch 3G models very soon. For all the camera freaks it has got 5MP rear-facing camera and 1.3MP front-facing camera. It has 1,024×600-pixel-resolution screen. Torx T5 screws are used throughout the device and its case is very easy to open. The current price for HTC Flyer is US $ 499.99.

The Internal Hardware Components for HTC Flyer:

The HTC Flyer has got the phenomenal Qualcomm 1.5GHz processor. You can also find ultra low power stereo audio codec that helps you listen to your favorite songs with ease. Not only this, you will find some amazing components like Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Silicon Image SiI9232 MHL Transmitter, N-trig DuoSense integrated pen and much more.

The Smartphone Features:

The internal built of the HTC Flyers proves it to be a Smartphone rather than a tablet. HTC is a Taiwan-based vendor and is an expert in making Smartphones. In fact HTC is among the top five Smartphone vendors. It is more like an over-sized Smartphone rather than a built-from-the-ground-up tablet because its internal components are so stacked on each other that if anyone removes one part, it requires a removal of two to three parts at the same time. The antenna wires of HTC Flyer are soldered to points on the first panel assembly.

The Complaints of the HTC Flyer Users:

Some of the HTC Flyer users have made several complaints regarding the design of the device. The display and the digitizers are very hard to separate and it leads to damage. As compared to other tablets like Apple iPad 2, HP TouchPad and Motorola XOOM, the HTC Flyer is having an inefficient internal design. The jumbled internal components of HTC Flyer makes you feel that the design process of the gadget had been rushed. No doubt HTC is having a vast experience in making Smartphones but it should not have ignored the designing of such a gadget. If HTC had focused on the designing, they might have come up with a better gadget.

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