7 Must Have Applications For Your Kindle Fire


Amazon’s Kindle fire is one of the best tablets considering its various features, portability, support as well as price and hence is rightfully the highest selling tablet in the world. The tablet comes with great entertainment and productivity options and the same can be enhanced further by using various applications. Some of the application which you must have in your Kindle Fire are as follows.

1. Angry Birds
The world famous game is available for Kindle Fire too. One can download either the FREE version or buy various paid versions of the game to check their physics skill and reflexes. The game is extremely addictive and all you have to do is to let loose the angry birds on the filthy swine. You can play upto 285 levels (Way higher than iPhone version) in the FREE version with ad or go ad less with the pro version.


2. Wi-Fi Analyzer
Wi-Fi Analyser can be a great application for your internet needs. You can find various Wi-Fi spots in your vicinity and even get lots of details on signal strength, traffic, reception quality etc. The application is available for FREE at the Amazon App Store.


3. Skype
The Kindle Fire does not come with a SIM support; however that doesn’t mean that you cannot make calls with your Kindle Fire. You can always install the Skype application to make FREE Skype to Skype calls as well as cheap calls to mobile and landline. Also it supports instant messaging, video calls etc. The application can be downloaded for FREE from Amazon App store.


4. Pandora Internet Radio
Pandora is a famous as well as reliable radio application for your Kindle Fire. You can browse through thousands of songs from many artists. There is an option to skip any track or rate your favorite song with this application. The application is available for FREE.


5. Weatherbug Elite
This application lets you check the weather of almost any city and provides real time weather and traffic statistics. It provides the most accurate weather information using the best network of weather observatories throughout the world. It shows Doppler radar animated images to provide you a detailed view of the weather. The application comes at $1.99 and can be downloaded from Amazon App Store.


6. Easy Installer
This application can help you install applications out of Amazon app store. You can manage the applications in your Kindle as well as search the internet for your favorite apk applications. The application is quite fast and consumes minimal memory from your Kindle Fire. It is available for FREE.


7. Netflix

Netflix is the ultimate in movie and television watching experience in your Kindle Fire. You can browse through thousands of videos and television shows and watch them online directly on your Kindle Fire. You can even continue watching the movie from the very scene you left in your desktop. The application is available for FREE but you need to have a Netflix subscription.

The author writes for Bloghug list on various technologies related topics. He loves tablets and is constantly on the lookout to enhance productivity through these ultimate portable as well as productive devices.

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