How Smart Technology Can Save On Business Overhead Costs


We’re currently in the midst of a recession. Although the economic outlook for the country is certainly improving, it can still be very hard for businesses. As such, as the owner or manager of an SME, you really have to control your overheads. Keeping these under control is your best chance of allowing your business to thrive and adapt over the coming years. One great way that you can keep your overheads down is through the use of smart technology. Here’s how…

Switch to VoIP

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Essentially, this means that phone services are provided over the internet. Analog phone signals are converted to digital signals that can be sent over the internet. It’s provided by a number of companies, such as Gradwell, and can be offered to anyone with an internet connection of reasonable quality. It’s far cheaper than using a traditional phone line, so if you use the phone regularly, it’s well worth considering.

Moving to the Cloud

How Smart Technology Can Save On Business Overhead Costs

Cloud access provides you with instant access to all the information you require. By moving all of your services to the cloud, you’ll be able to compete with all your competitors in an increasingly mobile world.

Wherever you are, whenever you need it, the cloud can provide you access over the internet. Plus, the cloud allows all of your data to be accessible on a number of platforms and devices, meaning you can gain access via your phone, laptop or tablet. As long as it’s set up effectively, it can be secure, too. If you do a lot of business on the go, the cloud is the way to go.

Making Smart Use of Social Media

Finally, if your business does a lot of paid advertising in print media, over the radio and online, it may be using a large chunk of budget that’s not gaining results.

As such, you should sit down and look at the results that your paid advertising is getting you. It may be far simpler and cheaper to advertise elsewhere. On a very basic level, simply opening Twitter and Facebook accounts for your business can boost your visibility and improve your customer relations – and they’re both free. In addition to this, you can take out paid advertising on these platforms. In doing so, you can specifically target specific demographics and tailor your advertising to their needs. This can be far cheaper than traditional advertising, so take a look.

All three of these techniques can bring down your overheads. Explore all your options to make sure your business is recession proof.

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