High Megapixels can Give Mediocre Performances From a Camera


High megapixels can give mediocre performances from a camera

You would expect a 12 megapixel camera to function at a wonderful level, with exceptional quality, speed and definition. Sometimes, this is not the case, and a model such as the Easy Share V1253 from Kodak is a clear example of this. Although the modes and features are extensive and innovative, many users have often felt let down by the speed and quality of the photographs, and for a device such as this, it is not easy to overlook.

Of course, the features that are available on this model can be intensive. The image stabilization and face recognition for example is one of a few simple controls that can be predefined and set up so that you can relax and take pictures with ease. However, the ease of use comes with a few faults in that the shutter speed can not be altered, so there may be a few lags with the shutter speed after a few quickly fired snaps.

For $280, the pricing is average, and for an average price, it can be safe to assume that the model is itself average. The bonus points on the models in this range are controls. They are extremely easy to navigate, and often show how the menu system is intuitively designed for the novice as well as the expert. The modes and settings can mean that the pictures can be taken in many settings, and the exposure meter is fairly useful. In addition to this, the zoom lens is decent enough for the resolution and the images can be reviewed in great detail on the LCD screen.

The pictures themselves are not overly damaging, and although the grainy shots that are taken in lower lighting conditions or indoors are not the best quality, those taken outdoors are both detailed and focused, meaning that the functions on the camera work as they are intended to do.

As well as this, the device also captures videos. This is where the machine shines, as the video graphics and sound are exceptional for an MPEG compression. There are a few issues, such as a yellowish tinge in some lights, but there were few recordings on other compact devices that don’t show this. Sadly, the zoom lens motor can be heard from the microphone, although this can be taken to mean that the microphone is of a higher quality to be able to do this. The downfall to the video player is that you would have to purchase the Easy Share HDTV dock that could set you back $100 if you wish to produce footage of a higher quality.

The memory on this model is reasonable. 32 MB of memory should be enough to take a fair few pictures or videos before it becomes full. However, there is an SD card slot for the higher quality shots should you wish to expand your horizons. The mediocre performance by this device is indeed unexpected, as the 12 mega-pixels should have given the machine extra quality when taking any shot.

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