Games based on movies have the same type of introduction in that some movies should have games and some should not. Most of the movies games that are made are from recent movies and maybe because there has been a release of Grease, 505 Games thought it to be a good idea. The staying power of the Grease movie is obvious but the game might not last as well.Both the Wii and DS story modes of the game follow the story line to the “T”, that is the T-Birds. There are even clips and music played in line as you continue the story in the Wii version of the game. The DS sticks to the models of Danny and Sandy when displaying the story of Grease but also seems to take bigger steps through it than the Wii.

Mini rhythm games are performed to pass through each stage of the story and it’s not until later in the story that I realised that it is essential to pass the game to carry on.

It did seem too easy in the beginning, but as the tempo of the music increased and the moves got more complicated I needed to concentrate more on the moves. The tasks change in the Wii version, from your dance movements to combinations needed on the remote and even bashing out the dents in a car, which ended up being Greased Lighting… Then driving that car. Haters of Mario Kart don’t need to worry as the controls are not complicated.

In the DS version it is simplified to rhythm tapping all the way through. Experienced Wii players will be glad to note that the controls used in the games can be switched from the Wii remote to the Wii balance board for a change, challenge or some extra fun.

As these games are completed through the story line they will become available in the quick game menu and sometimes a high skill level and score are needed to unlock outfits and other extras in the game. The Wii version has more characters that can be used but unfortunately only Danny and Sandy can be used on the DS. It’s not as bad as it sound because players are really doing the same thing no matter who they are in the game and the basic choice between male and female will make fussy gamers happy.

The multiplayer brings real joy to the title as the players are enjoying the silly games together. The Wii multiplayer is just as any other games and the DS has a download play option that allows a player that doesn’t have the game to download and play “Greased Lightning” against others. The one song limit is overcome if the other person has the game as well, but multiplayer is limited to two.

The sound track is classic and everyone should know a Grease song or two, but it was very upsetting to see how much it was censored… especially the “Pussy Wagging “song. I feel that I have stricter standards than most, but that should have been allowed through. It might have upped the age restriction a little but I don’t think the three year olds would have minded.

The graphics of the game can help or not in the situation.

They are not sharp and seem to have taken a drawing twist to not represent the original Danny and Sandy. There might have been a version of the movies that I missed but even to Wii and DS standards these graphics are below par. [Could have to do with the fact that the movie was based on a stage musical? Lots of different actors and stuff? – ed] You only need one or the other version, but the Wii version does seem to out weight the DS version.

At A Glance:

Rhythm game following the Grease story to the T.

Developer: 505 Games

Publisher: 505 Games

Distributor: Apex Interactive


  • Wii
  • DS

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