Photo Smart Plus from HP: Budget Printer with All Essential Features


Photo smart Plus from HP: Budget Printer with all essential features

The name perfectly matches this printer. In other words, Photo smart plus produces excellent photo printing impressing you with its quality. Being a budget printer, priced $149.99 is stylish AIO inkjet printer capable of printing unmatched picture quality with great speed.

With its sleek design it impresses you at first sight. The paper tray in front portion has two parts in it. The upper part can be removed and used for storing printouts and the lower part is bigger and capable of holding 125 papers.

Installation was done in 10 minutes for establishing USB cable connection. Photo smart has an exclusive Solution centre which is capable of managing the printer using one interface. After assembling the printer you have to install ink cartridges in respective places.

The LCD screen is just 2.4 inches and includes 3 icons in it for scanning, copying and taking photo print. There are 4 other large icons which lead to separate screen of icons. The process of setting up was simple and easy.

The front portion contains a memory card, SD card and an USB port. The fun feature element in this photo smart is capable of printing note book paper, calendars and games.

The scan and copy function of this printer was superb and you have proviso for selecting number of copies, and manipulate the image size under copying seeing the print preview. You can make use of HP Solution for adjusting the scanned image.

You have various options and modes for document printing such as Normal mode, Best mode, and Fast mode.  The speed of photo smart was not high when compared with other models when printing a document. But the printer picked up speed when printing mixed documents of graphics and text.

Above all, the printer was printing photos with great quality and speed. It passed the test for two types or categories of photo printing. One was border printing and the other was borderless printing. In both these types the printer proved great. The speed of scanning was a bit slow in photo smart plus. It surpassed this defect with high copying speed.

The photo smart produced excellent quality printouts both in text document and photo document. It fulfilled our expectations in various modes testing. The photos looked sharper, brighter and impressive. It maintained the sharpness and clarity of the original picture.

Apart from all the above features, the photo smart plus stands good in saving your pocket. The cost for one page printing works out less when comparing the ratio with similar machines. The photo smart manages average cost for printing monochrome and the cost was below average when it printed colour documents.

By and large photo smart plus model is budget friendly and is ideal for small office or home business which needs speedy printouts with great quality. First rank will be given to this printer for photo printing and document printing comes only next.

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