Google encourages web-users to change their domain address from http to https


Ranking boost to webmasters

In order to encourage more and more users towards using the web based domain, Google has introduced a small ranking boost. The ranking boost may not be significantly visible over the whole server or website as such, but would add up to ranking boost. This is for web users who change their URL’s from http to https. The boost is visible in the overall ranking algorithm.

Individual web address

A lot of webmasters or servers running on the big World Wide Web might be using multiple domain addresses or URL’s running at the same time for a better sense of connectivity. So, to start off with, if you are skeptical about the bugs that might affect your overall operational efficiency, in combating the move on the whole server (moving from http to https), you can try it out for individual URL. You can take up one at the time, test the software and then try to migrate the entire lot of domain ids present on your company intranet, as such.

Google’s change of address tool does not support the change

Another striking feature for web users to make a note of, is this. In case you want to change your URL address from http to https, Google recommends you to do the same via its inbuilt change of address tool. But in reality, you cannot actually convert your domain URL from http to https using change of address tool. And web users are still not aware of when Google will invariably support the change of address tool. To get the move facilitated.

However, John Muller in response to the mentioned bug re-affirmed the fact, that a mere signal 301 redirect is just about sufficient to communicate the change and usage of change of address tool is simply not necessary.

Security Certificate Errors

Some users reported on Security Certificate errors upon migrating the domain URL from http to https. The protocol resulted in a lot of bugs on programming software as reported by leading social networking sites like Twitter.

Mr Muller rubbished the same, saying that, change of web address from http to https has already been carried forward by the development team at Google as such. If one finds security certificate errors on the site, it might be some other issue and does not relate to change of domain address as such.

For more information of the same, you can view the chat between Mr Muller and few software agents on his hang out video which runs for 29 minutes and 6 seconds.

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