Google Chrome Stats Rising Faster | Internet Explorer is the Looser in October


Google Chrome has invaded more new customers and November has turned out to be an excellent month for this Google product. The worldwide web usage now stands at 9.3 percent from its tally of 8.5 percent in October. The statics were released by net applications which monitors the web traffic through it s analytics software.

Google Chrome Browser

Internet Explorer has been the big loser for this gain in Chrome’s performance. Its usage dropped to 58.3 percent from 59.2 percent. This has driven Chrome to explore new features to be included. Improvements are also expected on the net communication protocols making the world of internet faster and easier for its users. Firefox still at third spot has maintained its share of 22.8 percent. The other browsers Safari climbed up to 5.6 percent from 5.4 percent while Opera slipped to 2.2 percent from 2.3 percent.

Microsoft is fighting out this situation with its new IE8 ad the future IE9 9(in its beta stage now) while the IE6 is diminishing among the users. The director of IE, Roger Capriotti said that their aim is to track the IE6 users gradually to newer versions of IE. He added “In the last six months, IE6 usage is now declining faster among enterprises than it is among worldwide consumers. We believe this reflects how organizations are recognizing the need to migrate to a modern browser.”

The slum down of the IE6 has been a concern for the Microsoft developers who do not intend to create new websites for this old existing browser by spending their long hours. China has been the big market for IE6 with 45.2 percent of its users using this MS browser compared to global market of 14.6 percent.

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