Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Beta Launched


The beta version of Adobe’s Flash player 10.2 was launched. Supporting Windows, Mac and Linux, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 gets hardware acceleration in the new beta version. With the non-beta version featuring certain set backs in video tasks, the latest version rectifies the set backs and offers high performance video play back across different platforms.

adobe flash player 10.2 beta
Stage Video feature in the beta Flash player will help web sites to deliver smooth video flow across different platforms including varied devices and browsers. Hardware acceleration of the video pipeline is the spec that enables this prominent quality. As Stage Video supports different browsers, a simple update of the Flash player will let the 1 billion Flash player users to make the most of the latest beta version.

Together with superior video playback, Flash player 10.2 beta also offers upto 35% improved performance with Internet Explorer 9. Multiple monitor users and developers can benefit out of the beta version with support for multiple-multi tasking among monitors and sustainability of native custom mouse cursors.

The new sub-pixel text rendering enhancements augments readability of languages including complex character-based ones. As proof to its features , Adobe offers options to check out the specs on Adobe lab. It also includes a Stage Video demonstration form YouTube. To add on, users are free to file complaints in Adobe’s public database in case of issues.


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