Next Generation High Speed Memory Card Format | Nikon, Sony and SanDisk Behind It


SanDisk Corporation, Sony and Nikon announced the next step to the revolution in imaging and video markets. The trios already made a move towards the CompactFlash® Association (CFA) to standardize the format that has been under their joint development. The set of specification once accepted will open the doors to exciting new possibilities in Professional photography and High Definition (HD) video applications

high speed memory format

“The ultra high-speed media, which will be realized by this new card format will expand the capability of digital SLR cameras and other professional digital imaging equipment” said Mr. Kazuyuki Kazami of Nikon Corporation. The new format using the highly versatile PCI Express interface will have up to 500 MB per second data transfer rate that will substantially increase the performance of imaging and video applications. The speed will also allow “continuous burst shooting of massive RAW images images”. Besides, it will have faster data transfer from card to computer and lower power consumption via a power scaling system that will enhance battery life.

It is also said to be future proof with a theoretical maximum capacities beyond 2 terabytes (TB). This features combined with capacity to withstand the rough and tough usage that is associated with any professional models along with their  new specifications’ access control will definitely make the wait worthwhile.

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