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A lot of adults get to a stage where they believe they’re “too old” or “too busy” for games anymore. However, that simply isn’t true for most people. No matter how hard you try to tear yourself away from the fun and games found on the App Store and the internet, deep down you’ll always want to have a go of the latest app and try it out for yourself.

  1. Draw Something

You can buy a free version of this game that allows you to play with your friends or random people from around the world. While you’re drawing on a phone screen, the masterpieces that some players have come up with are incredible. There’s no rush and pressure with this game, and you compete 1-1 with people, so you’re not up against people who are trying to steal the points for guessing correctly. You can play against your opponent when you’re ready, and with coins to collect for more colours, it’s great fun which can go on forever.

  1. Crossy Road


This was the game that had most people addicted to it by Christmas of 2014, just one month after its release. This is a very addictive game which you can play anywhere in order to pass the time. Players reported that they managed to survive a 6-hour flight by playing Crossy Road for most of the duration. If you get bored easily, you can happily wave goodbye to the days of boredom and embrace this hugely popular game. You can download it for iPhone and other iOS devices or android, you can get a version from Amazon and you can even play online at websites such as

  1. Fruit Ninja

This game has been around for a couple of years now, but there’s something very therapeutic about watching the pieces of fruit fall apart as you slash them with your fingers on the screen. Progress and beat high scores in order to be the top among your friends, and with different modes to play, the fun just never stops.

  1. Solitaire

A game that’s been around for years and years, it’s been given huge makeovers recently in order to make it seem modern enough to sell on the App Store and Play Store. Thankfully, it’s also considered a “game for adults”, due to the fact that children show little interest to card games nowadays and don’t like the lack of movement and animation which goes on in the game. Solitaire is highly addictive, especially if you’re constantly fighting to get rid of all your cards. To make it more exciting, why not turn the timer on and see if you can finish a game within three or four minutes?

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