Coping Before the Internet – Has it Solved our Major Workplace Problems?


The internet – how did we live without it? Many younger people have been brought up with the internet as such a major part of their lives that it is difficult to imagine how work forces coped without it.

According to research from Internet World Stats, more than three-quarters of the U.S. population uses the Internet, engaging in a wide variety of activities online. This includes, for instance, sending and receiving e-mail, reading the news, banking, researching and social media. And it is businesses that use the Internet to their unique advantage. With the internet, companies are able to manage workplace communications and run projects more smoothly. The Internet really has shaped the workplace and the way we work with each other. Content can be created, shared and collaborated on more quickly than ever before.

Coping Before the Internet – Has it Solved our Major Workplace Problems?

The internet has also sought to solve traditional problems that we used to experience. Time is one major factor. Sending post could take days or weeks if international – now we can send an email or a file in just a few clicks, and someone on the other side of the world can receive it right away. The incredible convenience this allows us is undoubtable. We can quickly send files in a secure manner in a way like never before. Advanced Ad hoc file transfer systems have been created by companies such as Thruinc, so that data and documents can be securely transported to wherever needed in a moment, without the worry of interception along the way. So, with this example, instead of sending files directly to an end-user’s email server, the ad hoc file transfer solution will allow you to upload your files to its own secure server and will then send recipients a link to download the files directly. Why is this so useful to us? Because with programs like this, we have time to do more important things in our business – like chasing sales leads.

Another huge factor which the internet has helped modern workplaces with is cost. Businesses used to spend far more money trying to advertise their products or services and going to site visits. Transport also used to cost a company a large amount of money. These issues can all be tackled with the use of the internet. Don’t want to travel to Asia for a meeting? Simply Skype the company instead.

In fact, the global reach that the internet has allowed us to achieve means that business really is booming, more than ever before. Traditionally, a company may only be able to advertise or supply products to the near vicinity, local towns and so on. Now, a company can set up a website and expand its reach across the world. If someone in America wants your product, they can simply log into your website and buy it. You can reach more people, more markets and more regions than ever before with the internet.

Too much?

Some may argue that the internet has led to a decrease in face to face communications, customer relations and so on. Security issues also make some businesses worry about the sheer amount of data available online, which means they need to spend time looking into protecting their businesses online presence.

More traditional minded business executives may feel forced into embracing the internet because everyone else is. The fact is, the internet is a fast paced playground. You do need to keep up with what’s changing and help your business be a part of it. If not, you could be left behind other businesses, who are embracing the new challenges, and you could lose custom as a result. A quick tip? Use what you need – if something doesn’t work for you (e.g. talking on Skype) then don’t use it. Adapt what you need and what is useful, and be open minded.

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