Fully-Rugged vs. Semi-Rugged vs. Business-Rugged Laptops


The Differences Between Them All

What is the difference between a fully-rugged, semi-rugged, and business-rugged laptops and tablets from Panasonic? Well the answer is quite simple actually. Here you will learn what the difference is between them and which ones are better, depending on what you are looking for.

Fully-Rugged vs. Semi-Rugged vs. Business-Rugged Laptops

The fully-rugged laptop is designed with extreme conditions in mind. The purpose of the fully-rugged laptop is to be able to function with it anywhere that you may go. This laptop is perfect for the most extreme working conditions and a fully-rugged laptop can handle almost anything you throw at it. The fully-rugged laptop comes with a waterproof coating to keep the unit safe during wet conditions and it can handle drops, shock, mud, dirt and sand. It will also cut back the glare from the sun by using a protector that covers the screen to help keep it safe. Fully rugged models include:

  • ToughBook CF-19
  • ToughBook Cf-31
  • ToughPad FZ-G1
  • ToughPad FZ-M1
  • ToughPad FZ-B2
  • ToughPad FZ-E1
  • ToughPad FZ-X1
  • ToughPad H2

The semi-rugged is just like your typical laptop that has been simply adapted to be used outside and in rugged conditions. These models are built to handle jobs in the construction and manufacturing industries where drops and moisture may occur often. The semi-rugged models include a case from magnesium alloy and certain measures are taken to protect the hard drive and internal components from temperature changes, water and shock. The keyboards are spill-proof and the temperatures that the laptop is able to be used in are extremely high as well as extremely low. These models can handle some extreme conditions, but aren’t as worthy as their fully rugged counterparts. Semi-rugged models include: ToughBook CF-54, ToughBook CF-53, ToughBook CF-52 and ToughBook CF-C2

The business rugged laptop is made for travelers but does not come as well protected as other rugged laptops. The laptop will have the shock mounted hard drive as well as the casings made from magnesium alloy, however they are not protected against water and do not come with a seal to protect the laptop from some of the various conditions that the fully and semi rugged models can endure. This type of laptop or tablet is able to be dropped, but is not built to withstand drops higher than 18 inches, but is great for indoor work such as when you travel often or manufacturing and medical fields. Business-rugged models include: ToughBook CF-SX2 and ToughPad 4k,

There are so many advantages to each type of Panasonic ToughBook and ToughPad, it all depends on your working conditions and needs. The ToughBook that is right for you will depend on what you are looking to use the laptop for. Also bear in mind what type of business you are in and what you want to achieve by switching to the rugged laptops. Whether you have broken a few laptops already, are just starting a business, or plan on taking a number of extreme vacations or excursions, there is a ToughBook out there for you. Visit our website and let us help you determine which model is right for you .

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