Forgot MS Access Password – Here is the Solution


Remembering passwords of so many different files is one of the toughest tasks for almost all of us. But, in this era of cyber crime not protecting our crucial files is also a threat. Thus, it is recommended to set passwords to all the crucial applications and files to make them unreachable by unwanted users. Though password protection has both pros and cons as if you have protected your file with password then you can keep it out of the range of unauthentic users but the situation becomes troublesome when we become unable to access precious data due to forgetting the password. The same situation can occur when we set password to our MS Access database and forget that password but having tools like Access password recovery can take us out of this devastating situation of data loss.

MS Access is relational database management system developed by Microsoft for maintaining large amount of data. But at times people forget the password applied to MS Access database and thus lose accessibility. Consider a practical scenario, suppose you have password protected MS Access file which contains data related to last project. You have applied the password for safety purpose so that no unauthentic user can use this database file.


But, another day when you tried to open this file in order to refer some records, encountered an error to provide correct password. You were unable to open this file as you have forgotten the password applied to it. However, it is recommended to not to give up even in this situation too as there are third-party MS Access password recovery tools available which can recover lost or forgotten passwords of MS Access database.

 One of the highly recommended tools to recover Access password database is Stellar Phoenix Access Password Recovery software. This efficient software provides key masking option by applying which you can quickly narrow down the correct password. This software displays the log summary of the password recovery process which includes the size of the file, file format, and password. Moreover the software uses one of the most efficient password retrieval algorithms namely ‘Brute Force’ to recover the password and thus recovers the password with 100% success rate. The software supports MS Access 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and 97 and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server2003, XP, and 2000.

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    This software will show you the preview of recovered data in try version.


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