Five Sure Ways To Spot An Apple Addict


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Raise your hand if you own an iPhone. Ok, now raise your hand if you own an iPhone and an iPod. Keep that hand in the air if you own an iPad as well. If your hand is still in the air, turn to face a mirror and you’ll see what’s glaringly obvious to the rest of us; you’re an Apple addict. Still not sure? Then read this handy list of classic tell-tale signs…

1. There’s an App for that

One of the easiest ways to identify someone who is unhealthy obsessed with Apple products is their problem-solving abilities. Rather than offering advice, a shoulder to cry on, or even a decent recipe for tonight’s dinner, they can instead be overheard saying ‘there’s an app for that’ whenever anyone asks them a question.

2. Virus? What Virus?

Ask any Mac user what antivirus software they have and the answer will most likely be a smug, ‘none’. Apple users laugh in the face of viruses and PC support, since Macs are considered to be at low risk from attracting viruses. This can make addicts feel invincible in other areas of their life, too, but fear not – they’re just as likely to catch a cold as the rest of us lowly human beings.

3. Loss of finger function

Apple addicts are so used to using the lightest of touches as they glide their fingers across their numerous pods, pads, and phones, that the thought of an actual real life QWERTY keyboard fills them with dread. They also have trouble using TV remotes and think that writing a list with a pen and paper is borderline archaic.

4. Who needs the Discovery Channel?

Apple fans don’t need to get their education on the animal kingdom from watching a David Attenborough documentary, oh no! All they need is the latest OS update to inform them about life in the jungle or the Sahara plains. Panthers, tigers and snow leopards have taken the stage, with Mountain Lion up next.

5. Adults with imaginary friends

You know your addiction has reached new heights when you’d rather chat to Apple’s new ‘intelligent personal assistant’ Siri, than conversing with your own friends. Sure, this automaton sounding device may not be able to buy the next round of drinks at the pub, but can your friends tell you the time in London, Paris and Milan without missing a beat? Thought not.

So there you have it, a simple guide on how to identify Apple addicts. If you think you, or someone you know, may have an unhealthy reliance upon Apple products, seek help before it’s too late!

James Duval is a superhero of the IT world: by day he provides PC support and often blogs for ARCit Solutions and by night he fights crime and saves the world on his Xbox. He doesn’t often get the girl, but if he did, he’d whisk her away on the back of his motorbike and ride off into the sunset.

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