Does the Delay of the White iPhone 4 matter?


Does the Delay of the White iPhone 4 matter

While the shiny black iPhone 4 has sold well on the market, some people are still waiting on the white edition of the phone. The bad news here is that the wait has been made even longer with its release being postponed till the spring of 2011.

During a press briefing, iPhone CEO, Steve Jobs urged that a one month delay after the launching of the Iphone4 series was due because of manufacturing challenges, and promised that by the end of July the white phones would be available. However, a week after these statements, the company released new comments pertaining to the date of release, this time saying the white models will be further pushed to later in the year.

It doesn’t stop at that though. Recently, Trudy Muller, a representative of Apple informed Reuters that the corporation is further delaying the availability of white iPhone 4 models until the spring of 2011. While she apologized to those waiting for this model she did not give any explanation pertaining to the cause of delay.

Nevertheless, there are many speculations as to why this postponement is occurring. Some say that the white tint was too thin and this was unable to evade unpleasant light leaks spilling from the display and that it also came in the way of the hardening process of the glass that is used for both the front and back covers. Other rumors allege that the problem was with the color matching, specifically of the white plastic of the home button and the complimenting white paint used for the body.

Further details have emerged surrounding the white adaptation of the iPhone 4 release holdup; the Cult of Mac stated that the trouble may be with light pouring out in the region of the camera, particularly when the flash is on. Also there is a serious rumor lurking around that the white iPhone model production might in fact be cancelled altogether, and that those who were holding out for it will have to wait for the new iPhone 5 scheduled to be released next summer.

All these impediments and confusion raises the questions of whether the wait is worth it and is there still a large consumer base waiting for the great whiteness? Luckily a poll was done to answer these questions. Here is a sum up of the survey.  9% percent said they couldn’t wait any longer and bought the black one, about 4% threatened to do the same, and only a staggering 9% said they’d rather die than not have the white iPhone 4. Furthermore, 44% said didn’t care much for a white model, while 34% said they couldn’t care less about iPhones in general. Retrospectively, Apple better work on getting those iPhone5 on to the market on time and with a bang.

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