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Search engine optimization is all about improving exposure and conversions; but improving exposure and conversions…regarding whom? Brands want the attention of current and potential consumers. How is that achieved? Focusing on the user experience is a surefire way to the hearts of consumers. Is your SEO company services provider concerned with user experience? What are the benefits of placing focus there?

Consider the following information related to your SEO campaign. Don’t miss the user forest through the technical trees.

Ummm… Content?

Take a minute to peruse some SEO-related material. You’re bound to find a suggestion related to creating great content. So what exactly does ‘great content’ imply? It implies different things for varied consumers. Focus your content on your specific consumers. Think like them; you’re a consumer too! What questions or concerns do they have? What industry-related information is integral to making an educated purchase?

Content related to users is championed by consumers. The notion of devising great content should not be a huge mystery. Provide for your consumers.

Web Design

How does your website look? Aesthetics is important. Browsers do judge a site by its appearance; don’t be fooled. Moreover, how a site functions is largely of consumer concern. How quickly do pages load? How intuitive is navigation? How many clicks does it take to get to the conversion page? Can visitors immediately understand the purpose of the site? These are integral questions. These should be questions on the mind of your respective SEO company services. These are concerns on the minds of consumers.

Social Media

Social media is a give and take process. A brand gets out of social media what it puts in. A huge mistake is assuming consumers will ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your brand without any provocation or inspiration to do so. A better social media campaign centers itself on potential brand consumers. How are you using your social media campaign to serve them? It’s not a ‘maybe’ or ‘later’ decision. It’s a ‘right now necessity’ if you want to leverage social media. Any SEO provider worth partnering with knows this.


There is no way an advanced, reputable SEO company services provider will dismiss the notion of user experience. It lies at the heart of a business’ origin and tenacity. A business cannot exist without consumers. Naturally, thinking about them should be included in every business decision and online implementation. Neglecting user experience is neglecting consumers.

Article Written By Jesse Dugan; being part of a professional team of writers, he is always looking for new Guest Blogging Opportunities.  Follow @JesseDugan or on Google+

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