Chrome Buran Laptop Messenger Bag – Its Weatherproof


Chrome Buran laptop messenger bag - its weatherproof

Short Version:

Chrome Buran laptop messenger bag is not only weather proof but also eye catching and can take the beating of constant and rugged use. It is strong and reliable; the plan of the bag however requires that you carefully choose what you want for the day.

Key Aspects:

The bag is lined with the tarp that is used in trucks, with a mouth width that can accommodate laptops up to 17” in width. The strap that is in built ensures security, complimented very well with the other Velcro fasteners.

The Good: Extremely water proof, protects the laptop by placing it in an extra compartment which is sealed. Feels strong and well put together.

The Could Be Better: Suits only planned minds as anything large and unusually shaped puts the space allocations of the bag and the shape in trouble.

Full Review:

You might have used many bags for various purposes but still not considered if a weather proof bag makes any sense. It certainly is no replacement for an umbrella and it also does not mean that one could go dancing in the rain, but think for a moment of a rain soaked document, or book, maybe a passport being put out to dry. A weatherproof bag makes absolute sense.

The protection is not from rain alone but other day-to-day hazards like spilt coffee. You place the bag on a table to have some refreshments and the waiter barges in too quickly, and there goes the coke over the bag. It’s reassuring to know that the Chrome Buran bag can cope with any such unforeseen incident and protect its contents.

One of the design weaknesses of the bag is that the cargo hold has been placed right next to your body. When you hoist it in onto your shoulders, your back will feel the contours of the cargo you carry. If it was reversed where the laptop sits against your back you would always have a flat surface which makes it all the more comfortable.

Other than the sleeve to hold the laptop, three pockets have been placed on the front, with the main compartment holding two. These pockets are sufficient to carry the other smaller items required by you for the day ahead.

It is perfect for carrying books, document caches, notebooks and even a breakfast bar. Plenty of pockets and space for these items. It is a well-suited bag but not for the unorganized. However if you are a commuter using public transport this might be what you could be looking for.

The bag looks very durable and it is almost certain it would outlast your laptop. It has been manufactured using materials, which are brilliant, making it truly a messenger bag providing top utility. Only one thing should make you think twice. The cost is $140.

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