Choosing A Business Mobile Need Not Be Confusing


A good business mobile phone can help you unchain yourself from your desk and make sure you remain productive while you are on the move. However, if you are new to the market then the sheer variety of business mobiles can be confusing.

Thankfully, with a little bit of research and advice it is easy to find a business mobile that suits your needs. You and your staff can then remain on top of your work commitments whether you are out in the field, at home or just nipping out for lunch.

Although the Apple iPhone has become popular in recent years, for many people the BlackBerry range remains the number-one choice if you want business-based functions at your fingertips. The presence of physical keypads on BlackBerry handsets such as the Bold 9900 and the Curve 9360 means you get the kind of precision and speed when typing that is simply not attainable when using a touchscreen smart-phone alternative. In addition, the support for enterprise email, calendar synchronisation, high-speed web access and many other features makes it desirable to have a BlackBerry in your pocket at all times.


Added flexibility is given to the best business mobiles thanks to software applications which can be downloaded and installed to integrate new capabilities. Most major smart-phone platforms and the BlackBerry range in particular, have their own application-download services which are packed with thousands of programs that you can access in an instant. This means that even if a smart phone does not come pre-loaded with business-friendly software, you can always find apps to download independently for a bespoke mobile experience that will give it greater functionality and flexibility.


Data security is of the utmost importance for modern businesses. Since you will be using your smart phone to access and carry data in the form of documents, files and email attachments, it is worth checking to see what security measures are in place. There are plenty of horror stories about smart phones being lost or stolen with valuable business data onboard, so investing in devices which have a remote wiping feature is sensible. Being able to clear all data from a mobile’s memory without having physical access to it is a convenient failsafe which a growing number of models can provide.

Packages and Tariffs

Once you have decided on the type of business mobile you want to buy, you will need to check out the tariffs offered by mobile networks. The competitive nature of the market means that prices are usually quite low, but there are plenty of ways to save even more money if you play the field and look for deals that will meet your requirements.

For example, ordering in bulk to provide mobile handsets and tariffs for an entire office will usually reduce the long-term costs. In addition, if every employee is using a business mobile serviced by the same provider, then there will often be discounts when making calls within the same network. Finally, it makes sense to ensure that everyone within a business has a mobile that runs the same platform, so opting for an order made up of a mix of BlackBerry handsets and iPhone and Android models is unwise as issues with compatibility will surely arise.

Data access is arguably as important as voice calls, so you will want to choose an offer that includes enough mobile web usage each month to allow you to send emails, browse the web, download files and even conduct VoIP calls. It is becoming cheaper to invest in data-friendly tariffs, but you will need to check the small print because fair-use policies and download caps are common.

Daisy Group plc. are one of the UK’s leading provider of business mobile phones and mobile broadband, offering the latest business mobile handsets and tariffs at competitive prices. As an O2 centre of excellence and Vodafone premier partner you can be confident that we will provide you with a range of services, tailored to meet your business requirements. Our business mobile packages are designed to help keep your business connected whether your a single user, a small- to medium-sized company or a large corporation.

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