TomTom GO 2505 TM


The GO 2505 TM alongwith the GO 2405 TM are two excellent GPS devices that are ever been built by TomTom. The TomTom GO 2505 TM is a good deal with a number of good features compiled in one framework in a fairly good price.

The Good and Poor Facets of the TomTom GO 2505 TM

The GO 2505 TM device has a capacitive touchscreen of glass which responds very well and also enables one to view the shard graphics of the interface. It has the ability of hands free calling through Bluetooth, has free map and traffic updates, a good set of features including control for voice command and a round for address entry.

With having good points, this device also has its poor points which include no onscreen prompt feature for its voice command and no verbal guidance in this regard. Due to this the users have to look in to the manual to see what commands are present in the system. The interface of the TomTom GO 2505 is pretty good but it tends to confuse new users until they get accustomed to the system.


All TomTom GO series models are designed in such a way that the standard touch screen is surrounded around the built. The GO 2505 has a display screen of 5 inches and the glass touch screen is shiny which also gives a good view during daytime. The power button is on the top left corner of the unit and an irregular shaped board that nearly hides the loudspeakers within a grille. An exclusive connection point is found on the bottom corner of the unit with its 12 volt power cable.

A suction cup is located in the cars structure which secures on an automobiles windshield. For the voicing there is only one point which can be found on the neck of the structure. The metal rearmost plate is held by a strong fixed magnet on the front of the structure. The device does not have an SD or microSD card slot instead it has the power cable which means that the GPS loses the Mini USB port that serves as the typical power and syncing connection point.


The TomTOm GO 2505 TM works as a speakerphone for hands free calling and it supports the phone book access (PBAP) which enables the user to download address books to dial quickly. The GO series is capable of displaying traffic data when it is connected to the RDS-TMC receiver. It also includes a voice command system comprising of an address entry and a general voice command. This however is not advertised in the promotional and instructional materials. Users can either use the onscreen keyboard for address entry but a shortcut function called the “Make your own menu” can also be used. The users should read the “What can I say?” portion from the manual before starting to use the voice command system because on using it the user will not find any onscreen commands or instructions which may add to the difficulty level for many new users.

Although not good in all aspects but the TomTom GO 2505 TM works as fast as lightening in the route tracking aspect.

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