How Technology Has Improved Business Transactions and Processes


There’s little doubt that technological advances have changed people’s overall lifestyle. They have even improved the operations in the workplace. However, despite the fact that there are many positive changes which technology has brought to businesses,  there are still some managers who are afraid of investing in technological tools.

If you’re one of those still in doubt, then you might want to know exactly how technological innovations can improve your business transactions and processes.

How Technology Has Improved Business Transactions and Processes


As computers have made it possible for us to attend to more things at the same time, productivity has naturally increased. In the last 10 to 20 years, nothing has improved business processes better than the computers.

Improved Service Delivery

Modern business put a lot of emphasis on their customer’s needs and wants. As a result, customer service is given more importance. And technology has gone a long way in improving customer experience. For instance, instead of opening e-commerce customer support for only half the day, business owners can now use templates or FAQs page to address the customer’s’ questions directly.  The goal is to make things a lot easier for the customers.


With the internet and online chat and call applications, one can hold a meeting outside the office. You can be in New York talking to a potential client in Japan, and you’ll have no problem communicating. You can set your projector, prepare your projector replacement bulbs and other accessories right in your office and present your business proposal online.

Real-time interaction through online tools like cloud computing has also helped relay important business announcements and distribute documents quickly. Cloud computing gives business owners access to a wide range of resources which they can use in facilitating different types of information sharing including application hosting, data storage, email services, and many more.


Outsourcing is one of the best ways a business can save money while taking care of tedious projects. In order to focus on more important tasks such as boosting sales, you can hire someone to attend to smaller tasks. One way you can do so is by using Infrastructure as a service or IaaS. It is an outsourcing equipment, usually a hardware, and network systems, which you can use to deploy new services with little manual help.

Interaction & participation

Social media has provided businesses with a platform where they can market and promote their businesses, disseminate information and get customer feedback conveniently and cheaply. Since social media platforms cater to millions of users, you can reach more people and promote your brand with less hassle.

Cost management

Competition is always going to be tough. If you want to succeed, you would need to manage costs and streamline operations appropriately. There are tools which can provide a cost-effective alternative to labor. There are also various in-house solutions that can go a long way in improving productivity, efficiency and the performance of an individual employee.


If you want to optimize your productivity, manage your transactions more effectively, and improve your service, then be informed of the latest trends and utilize tech tools.

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