The Best Dorm Room Gadgets for the Ultimate College Pad


Spring is here and, for high school seniors, that means graduation is just around the corner. When summer comes, you’ll be busy preparing for your new life as a college student. Outfitting your dorm room is one of the first things you’ll want to do when you hit campus and, by shopping early, you’ll be sure to have the best gear.

Here are ten gadgets you simply must have for your dorm room this fall:
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1. Laptop
Useful and portable, a laptop will beat a desktop any day of the week. If you’ve already got a laptop, plan on packing it with you. If you don’t have one, start shopping for sales now to get the best bang for your buck.

2. Printer

Don’t rely on your roommate to bring a printer along and don’t plan on using the one in the computer lab; they tend to be closed at the most inopportune times! Be careful, though: once your dorm-mates know that you have a printer, you’re room might become the most popular in the building.

3. George Foreman Grill
You could bring a hotpot with you, but why? A college student can’t live on Ramen noodles alone. With a Foreman grill, you can cook up amazing meals in less than ten minutes.

4. Keurig
College students have been outfitting their rooms with coffee pots for decades. The future is here: bring along a Keurig! With these single-serving brewers, you’ll have access to dozens of flavors and never have to worry about wasting a whole pot of stale, burnt coffee.


Every great dorm room has a fabulous flat-screen; yours should be no different. A 26” television will be the perfect size for your small room and will give you ample opportunity for movie watching and game play on those boring Friday nights.

6. Smart Strip

Instead of packing along a normal surge protector, look for a smart strip. These surge protectors allow you to plug your gadgets into “always on” sockets or group them into one section, turning them all off with a flick of a button. These are great if you want to turn off your computer but still need power flowing to your lamp and television.

7. Mini-Fridge
A good fridge will keep your beverages ice-cold and just a few steps away. You can easily find a refrigerator for under $150 that will sit neatly by your bedside. Make sure, though, that you use it for more than beer!

8. Portable Air Conditioner
If your dorm room isn’t blessed with central air, chances are you will be stifling hot in short order. With all of your gadgets humming along in your room, the temperature will rise quickly. Most colleges do not allow the installation of window units into dorm rooms, but will allow portable air conditioners.

9. iPod Speakers
You’ll have to work out quiet time with your roommate but, when it’s your turn to play DJ, nothing will make your iPod come alive like a docking station. Look for one that performs double-duty as an alarm clock and you’ll be set.

Super Mario RPG x SNES x XBMC x Olevia 332h 720p
10. Gaming System
Everyone needs down time and that’s especially true for busy college students. If you’ve got a gaming system at home that you’re addicted to, you’ll not know what to do without it. Buy a new system or steal the one from home; whatever you do, make sure you have one in your room!

There’s nothing that says you have to leave behind all of the creature comforts of home. Pack these ten gadgets into your trunk before you head off for college and you’ll kick off the best year of your life.

Amanda Davis is a medical writer comparing different online masters of nursing programs to choose the right one for her.

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