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We use our phones for doing anything we would have done on our computers a couple of years ago. Truly, smartphones have turned the world around and have adapted to every aspect of our social and individual life, from doing business to having fun. We can create documents, send emails, take photos, upload and download various contents without any problems. Also, we can use our hand-held wonders for playing video games or installing some apps that boost our productivity. However, what can you use your new smartphone for when you are a betting enthusiast? Well, there are tons of betting applications for your phone and the following 5 are considered to be the very top of the offer.

First and foremost, there comes the Favourit app. If you haven’t heard anything about it yet, check it out since Favourit is a great innovation in the betting world. Basically, this online betting community resembles Facebook, in all its glory and usefulness, opening doors to betting on the go, hearing about the newest and freshest tips and tricks before placing your bets and many other features for your to explore. Recently, this remarkable website has released a Favourit app which can be installed on your mobile phone, granting you access to everything that this betting website offers, no hassle. Be sure you check it out as soon as you can and place your bets – virtual or real.

Another great app for betting is William Hill android app. Easy to use and fairly straightforward, this app also takes you to the world of betting without too much problems, offering many betting perks for you to enjoy. Moreover, upon updating it for the first time, the app gives you 25 pounds for your favorite activity.

Bet 365 is on the third place of the list of top 5 betting apps for your phones. While the above mentioned Favourit app allows you to place all the bets you will ever want to place on sports events, Bet 365 splits its offer between sports and casino betting. If you would like to know what your luck is when it comes to casino gambling, use this great app.

The fourth place belongs to Bet Fred. Like all the others mentioned here, Bet Fred can be used both on tablets and on android phones. It offers free betting money but only through links which support the site. Thus, if you are in for a bet with Bet Fred, google a bit and get the excellent head start.

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Last but not least is the Bet Fair app, directed more towards people from UK. Nevertheless, it does not lack the wide variety of choices and options that other betting apps have. Therefore, there are no reasons for not checking it out too.

To sum it all up, the world of mobile phones has caught the global betting fever. Its most sophisticated form seems to be the Favourit android app. Yet, there are many others that may keep you occupied for more than you can imagine. Enjoy your betting as much as you enjoy your smartphone!

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