Asus DR 950 Review


Asus, the name is best known for its computing segment but they are now landing themselves in emerging markets such as e-readers, to not limit themselves to one market. The e-reader by Asus, from the DR range, called the DR 950 e-reader is spreading successfully in the market.


The DR 950 is a simple looking device with not a gaudy appearance. Its simplicity makes it stand out from other e-readers available in the market. The DR 950 e-reader might not be having a much different appearance from other e-readers in the market but it is surely different in use and experience. You will surely feel the difference once you start using it.

DR 950 e-reader has a touch sensitive screen, 9 inches diagonally, so it quite looks like a tablet PC. It has a large screen, which has a very clear image quality with an amazing resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Asu DR 950 e-reader is a light weight device and this is what people like most in e-readers.

E-reading functions

The display of Asus DR 950 e-reader is built on a latest technology “SiPix Microcup Electronic Paper” from SiPix and not on the e-ink technology. The benefit of using the SiPix technology is, it gives a drastic improvisation to the e-reading experience at a low cost. It has panel display flexibility and it enables readers to turn pages at a faster rate.

Asus has not adopted shortcuts to its features instead the interface enables you to experience a step wise, organized e-reader. The keys on the e-reader are used to navigate through the menu, and you can also use the touch screen. The DR 950 e-reader enables a reader to copy text just by a finch of finger and then paste it in the text editing application. It also contains miscellaneous applications including a web browser and music player.

To ease many users, the DR 950 e-reader contains two types of text typing features, either to use a keyboard on the touch screen or use a hand written recognition feature that enables readers to draw letters on the screen which then recognizes text itself. The Asus DR 950 e-reader maintains a fine contrast and display which is rarely found in other touch screen devices. The DR 950 e-reader successfully creates an invisible touch sensitive layer which holds essential paper like sharp look.

The DR 950 e-reader also contains an RSS reader, a built in dictionary and an internal memory of 2 to 4 GB. The SD card slot allows you to enhance memory if you want. It contains Wi-Fi internet ability and also a USB port to load information from other means. The DR 950 e-reader has an impressive battery life. The battery life depends on the measure of page turns.


In a nutshell, the DR 950 e-reader by Asus is definitely and undoubtedly an outstanding e-book reading device. It has a quality usage, impressive display, additional useful applications and an affordable price.

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