Getting Part-Time CAD Jobs Through Online Search


If you’re a just-out-of college or expert cad designer, you have many other responsibilities that won’t allow you to work fulltime, you’re looking for a way to practice your skills or you’re just looking for some quick cash to buy some software, then you need a part-time cad job. Don’t look anywhere else just go straight to the internet. Online job sites provide the best opportunity for people who are looking for part-time cad jobs for any reasons. Jobs are available for every kind of cad field including but not limited to civil engineering, architecture, landscaping, fashion, entertainment and manufacturing. So how can you find the kind of job that suites you?

Know Your Expertise

The first thing to do before you even plug your computer is to evaluate your skills. Are you good in engineering design, products design or fashion design? Which software are you able to use perfectly? Write down these points and evaluate yourself honestly. Most people who post part-time cad jobs online are usually looking for designers with specific abilities and qualities, so don’t blow your chances of getting a job by not knowing what you are capable of doing.

Use Keywords

Once you know your skills you can then turn on your laptop, connect to the internet, get on search engine sites and start typing. Search engines work based on keywords as you may already know and that is what you’re going to use to get your par-time cad job. To begin your search write down the name of your job expertise or description, add the words “part time”, “cad” and “jobs” to it e.g. “part time civil engineering cad”, enter it into the search box and click on search. This is better than just typing “part-time jobs” or “part time cad jobs” that will bring up so many results that has no value to you.

Another way to search for cad part-time jobs online is to use the name of the software or program you are most familiar with, this is the best way to get search results that will suite you exactly. For example you can type “part time cad jobs AutoCAD 3d” so you can get job listings looking for prolific AutoCAD 3d designers that are ready to work on part-time basis.

Go Straight To Job Sites

If you don’t want to make use of search engines then you can go straight to online job sites like indeed, simply hired, freelancer, Elance or even craigslist to find part time jobs. If you have tried all the above mentioned sites and you still can’t find the right job then type “freelance cad job sites” or its variations to find other sites that offer such job postings or listings. The best thing however is to look for job sites in your locality or state that display nearby cad job vacancies. You should know that many of these job sites will require you to sign up first before they can allow you to bid for jobs.

Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired

There are thousands of other designers from allover the world looking for part-time jobs so you need to present yourself properly so as to increase your chances of getting selected. First you need a well written and properly organized resume with the most important details carefully explained. If you’re using a job site like Elance you should make sure that your onsite resume and profile page is properly filled without any false information or grammatical errors. Very important, make sure you have a sample of any of your works ready for clients who may require them. That’s one of the best ways to get above the competition.

Sam Dawson recently found part time work as a freelance CAD technician and he loves generating extra income doing something he loves.

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