Cannon PowerShot S95 Review


The Cannon PowerShot S95 is a fancy and attractive camera that scores great in its features and design, but a 7/10 in its performance. The camera does produce nice but not professional photos and could be best for advanced use but not professional action photography. The camera has a problem with its battery life which is supremely slow for a digital camera and also suffers from unavailability of low compression JPEG option. According to expert’s opinion, the camera could give a better performance if its main flaws are modified.

The tiny PowerShot S95 has a wide aperture lens and is loaded with all of the needed manual shooting functionalities. It also comes along with a 720p video capture, great image stabilization and a good looking design. The quality produced and the performance of the camera though suffers from a few setbacks.

The low, less compressed JPEG option goes missing in Cannon PowerShot S95 and a picture quality is represented in 7:1 which could have further being compressed to 12:1. A heavy compression rate means heavier bytes and more difficult to load on websites. The pictures come up to ISO 400 and the lens is sharp, however they suffer from a certain asymmetrical distortion when placed in its widest position. The camera does cover up for these setbacks by giving out good movie quality along with great sound through its stereo mics.

Though the camera is great in design, it is considerably slow, especially when it takes a long time to power on and shoot a picture. If you have to capture two sequential JPEG, there is a delayed rate of 0.5second and a further delay of 2.3 seconds for JEPG and 3.3 seconds for flash. The camera also does not have a much needed hot shoe and viewfinder option that experts mostly look for in latest digital cameras. The tiny, compact size may be the selling factor for this camera as it is easy to carry around, but experts suggest you to test the functionality of the camera to decide if this is the model you really want. Sometimes a larger and a much enhanced version could be better off.

The Canon PowerShot S95 has a 10 megapixel CCD, a sensitivity range of ISO 80 – ISO 3,200 and a 28-105mm lens with f2 – 4.9 and 3.8 x lengths. The closest focus range is 2.0 and it also has a continuous shooting of 1.9fps frames.  As an expert you would be disappointed with the unavailability of the autofocus, the metering and the missing of hot shoe. The shutter speed is found to be at the rate of 15 – 1/1600 and there is a 3inch LCD. Video quality is recorded at 720/24p and uses QuickTime Mov along with stereo. There is no mic input and no optical zoom for video recording, which is a big disappointment for anyone wanting to focus on video shooting. Battery life is merely at 220 shots and you can get this tiny camera in a mere $399.99. Ofcourse with this price range, this camera is pretty good for anyone who wants to get a taste of professional photography.

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