Dell Latitude D600 14.1-Inch Laptop – Latest Features


Dell Latitude D600 14.1-Inch Laptop – latest features

The most recent crop of the Latitude D600 laptops from the DELL Company has more than a few latest features, like those of new creation of the Intel processors, enhanced dual graphics, along enlarged battery life. Most of these changes, nevertheless, are downgraded to 15 and 17-inches models. The 13 inch models still remain the least costly among the Pro line, but still linger as the most alike to those of the preceding generation.

Both the new 13 inch Latitude D600 forms comprise GeForce of Nvidia 320M included graphics, which also share a least of 256MB of the main memory. This also replaces the Ge Force 9400M included graphics in the preceding generation (that shared the similar amount and kind of Random Access Memory). In the testing process, the latest 13 inch models obtained much enhanced frame rates on the Call of the Duty test. In the tests, at a rate of 38.9 frames every second, the 2.4GHz Latitude D600 showed 15.2 frames every second which is more improved than that of the higher end, 2.53GHz model of 2009 which is an improvement by 64 percentages. They yet lagged a long way at the back the new low end 15 inch Mac Book Pro, which gathered up to 68.4 frames every second all credits goes to its discrete graphics. The integrated technology is used for graphics that gives a high quality resolution for 3D games and other videos.

When we look at the battery life, DELL Company claims up to three hour enhancement over the preceding 13 inches Latitude D600s, the latest models proffer almost 10 hours of the battery life, instead of just seven hours. This is very advantageous.The main part of the increased life is because of a slight increased capacity of the built in battery which is around 63.5 watt hours against a lesser 60 WH in the preceding model. DELL holds the credit for the most of the enhancement to the increased efficiency of the Ge Force 320 M graphics over that of 9400M. The standard tests for the batteries played a looped video in Quick Time awaiting the death of the battery, which also showed a lifetime of around 4 hours 19 minutes for 2.4GHz model and 4 hours 33 minutes for the latest 2.66GHz model.

All the features and tests provide evidence that the latest DELL 13-inch Latitude D600 is far better compared to the older versions.

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